“3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to advance themselves with personal development. I believe you are worth any investment if you honestly want to grow and Angie is the right way to make this investment. Her knowledge clearly shows in the seminar.”
Donna Burst, St. Louis



“My biggest takeaway from the 3 Massive Mistakes was the joy of being reminded that other people are successfully working on world change/balance one person at a time!”
Kellee Sikes, St. Louis, MO



“Amazing Seminar – I can’t stop thinking about all the details and information received last evening. Thank you for your gracious and kind spirits!”
BJ Crabtree, St. Louis, MO



“I was impressed with the 3 Massive Mistakes workshop because it was so personally empowering and Angie was so real and down to earth. She didn’t talk down to anyone, and that increased my trust. She showed a lot of vulnerability and personal honesty, which I really respected. Through the workshop, I was reminded about the goals, decisions and boundaries that I can so easily set in my business, but that I often ignore when dealing with my own personal needs. Angie promotes a type of personal empowerment that forces you to use the same type of personal honesty and vulnerability that she herself shows, in order to become less stressed personally and professionally. I highly recommend it!”
Stacey Lindgren, St. Louis, MO



“I came to Angie because I was procrastinating in making major business decisions. I was avoiding conflict and not wanting to make a decision for fear of the unknown. I met Angie in my network, and I didn’t consider a competitor. What I found most helpful about the process was that I felt completely at ease in confiding in Angie and I trusted the process. Angie explained very thoroughly and comfortably what the process consisted of and gave me the tools necessary to break through barriers in my mind. I gained the confidence to make game-changing decisions and face the tough tasks that I had been avoiding with my staffing needs for the agency. I have repositioned one employee and hired another two since meeting with Angie. My business is now on the right path to success, rather than being stuck in a rut before meeting with Angie. I attribute our hypnosis session as unlocking the power to allowing me to make the tough decisions and take the necessary risks in order to succeed. If you go in with an open mind and are committed to self-improvement, the value of meeting with Angie is immeasurable.”
Matt Crismore, St. Louis, MO



“Angie has helped me begin the journey to become the person I would like to be. Angie has a well developed gift for seeing through your nonsense and straight to the heart of the issue. Through hypnosis and other methods Angie is helping me walk through a journey to realize my dreams and to recognize my self-inflicted roadblocks. Angie is easy to talk to and very interesting in her own right. You really feel like you are just having coffee with an old friend, yet a friend who has the professional insight to guide your thought process into realizing that you have the tools you need to move forward and you are just not using those tools to the best of your ability. Many times Angie has called me out on one thing or another and really pushed me out of my box to make me stop and think about what I have just said and how it effects my business and family. Angie continuously strives to help me balance my desire to be successful and my absolute need to be the best father and husband I can be. That conflict rages on daily and Angie has been the one person to recognize this conflict and provide tools to help me cope with the struggle. I use the tools Angie has taught me every day to help resolve the conflict between work and family. I am a happier person now, not because I have become more successful, or a better dad, but simply because Angie has helped me realize what is happening and more importantly she has taught me to deal with it. We still have a long way to go but this a journey not a destination.”
Scott Cramer, St. Louis, MO



“Angela Monko has used EFT to help me take my life to a new and exciting level. She has the unique ability to get to the core issues of what was holding me back in my life. She used EFT to help me break down the false foundations that I had been building my life around. I thought that I was just talking with her about weight loss, but what I found were the core issues that kept the weight on, were also affecting many areas of my life. Angela is a compassionate and gifted coach. With the use of EFT Angela has shown me the ability to choose the life that I want, instead of my life being chosen for me by circumstances of the past. If you have dreams and desires in your life that you just can't seem to make come true, look at the EFT and talk with Angela. I highly recommend her as a coach, mentor and friend. The work that she does and the intuition that she has, combine to create a unique opportunity for you to get in life what you say you want. If you are not where you want to be in life, why not? If not now, when will you decide to get there? Work with Angela and create your best life NOW!!”
Barry Miller



“With Angie's help through EFT, I was able to gain the confidence and focus I needed to face my fears in the ring and become a national karate champion. I am now able to use EFT to achieve goals in my personal relationships as well.”
Anne Kovac, Black Belt Karate Student



“I have known Angie since the 3rd grade.  She is a born counselor, and highly intuitive, a bright light when all else seems dark. She has helped me in countless ways, many of them being through her amazing techniques with EFT.  Thanks for everything, Angie, and all the best to you!”
Love Always, Leslie



“Angie helped me through EFT with forgiveness. I thought I had forgiven a man who had attacked me, but with EFT I realized I had only forgiven the boy who had been mistreated by his family. I had not forgiven the adult man, the stranger who chose to hurt me without any reason. Once I recognized this, I was able to let go of this distinction and forgive him. On another issue, I felt stuck and unable to let go of the resentment towards someone and forgive him. Angie helped me move through a process whereby I got in touch with a sub-personality (13 year old angry boy) who carried my anger and hostility towards people who cross my boundaries. I had denied my anger so often in these situations that this aspect of me had stayed hidden from myself. I had a dialogue with that part of me and embraced the wisdom he offered. Anger is healthy when we recognize it early and take appropriate action to speak up, stand our ground, or generally take care of ourselves when we are out of balance. Once I understood how my anger was trying to serve me, I easily forgave the person I was resenting. I gave myself permission to be more emotionally honest and in that way create stronger boundaries which are in my best interest.”
Love, Susie M, St. Louis, MO



“Hello Angie, I want to send an email and let you know how much EFT and your coaching skills have helped me in my personal life. I have spent years struggling to overcome some serious issues that have beaten me down and kept my self-esteem rock bottom. I have enjoyed our coaching time, and your compassion as a person, and hope that you are able to help many more people as you have helped me. Thanks so much for all the help!”
Heather Grundy, VA



“We had our most recent personal session on October 30th, and after that my schedule was too hectic to listen back to it and tap along like I had planned. Then I began to notice how this huge shift in my sense of self-worth was taking place and it felt like someone lifting a blanket off of me or something. I felt it happening at the beginning of November, but I couldn't attribute the change to anything specific until I finally listened back to our Oct. 30th session and what we tapped on! After Tuesday's conference call, hearing you explain how EFT works vibrationally (it was good for me to hear that refresher), and then listening back to that session, I realized that was the cause of this huge shift! It feels GREAT. You really have a tremendous talent at this and I hope it leads you to financial abundance. To me, you're a wonderful example! Thank you so much for all your guidance and love.”
Loretta, LA



“This was the best money I ever spent. I have been overweight most of my life and unhappy I thought because of that. I was in an abusive relationship and felt depressed most of the time. Now since working with Angie, I lost weight, was successful in leaving the abusive relationship and feel terrific. I accomplished all of this without expensive drugs that don't work or long term therapy. Angie coached me using her gift of intuition and other techniques that really work. She showed me how to believe in myself again and how to create an abundant, happy and fulfilling life. Because of my experience with Angie, I can now create and attract all the joy, abundance and wealth God meant for each one of us to have.”
In love and light, Ann Coats, Georgia



“I went to see Angie Monko for help with a fear of rejection or what I thought was a phone phobia. Having a home based business, I need to be able to make phone calls without fear. This has been a lifelong problem for me which I labeled 'calling reluctance'. After about an hour session with her, I was astonished to have discovered, that the real core issue I was dealing with was actually fear of success. My conscious mind wanted to be successful but my subconscious mind didn't feel it was safe because in the past, I had experienced an illness which caused defeat after success. Therefore, I was holding onto the belief, that success only leads to failure. I let go of the fear of success, and viola, like magic I was able to make my important calls without fear. All this from just one hour with Angie. Angie has a unique and intuitive method for finding out what's really going on! I am so grateful to her.”
Lisa Rose, Fitness Trainer



“I highly recommend participating in a class with Angie Monko & Lisa Rose; having done so, my life's perspective has been changed for the better---forever! They are unbelievably knowledgeable, selflessly generous, deeply convicted, honest, loving and amazingly positive people. It may sound like a cliche, but I truly think they have the insight on personal peace & happiness that goes beyond a depth that most are willing to offer. Do yourself a favor...try to spend some time with these ladies. If you want it to, your life will change because you did!”
Blessings....Jil Y. St. Louis, MO



“I really loved the class Angie and Lisa presented at CSL. I was standing in line to check out and the candy bar was yelling for me but I started tapping and by the time I was finished I had no desire for the candy bar. I let it stay on the shelf for somebody else. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new response!”
Blessings, Marigene DeRusha, St. Louis, MO



“I work in a very stressful, demanding job which seemed to stress me out often. My past, unresolved conflict, etcetera kept me from being the peaceful, productive person I've always wanted to be. After meeting Angie and Lisa and participating in EFT classes, I noticed an instant change in my stress levels. I have been to many different psychologists and psychiatrists and never felt the positive shift that came about from a couple of sessions of tapping. Practicing EFT, I am now a calm, assured, productive person who can tap through issues and go forward in a very peaceful downstream manner. I feel so blessed to have had the privelege to have been taught by Angie and Lisa.”
Joan Decker, St. Louis, MO



“Angie Monko's wonderfully intuitive facilitation style is incredibly helpful with EFT. With me, her penetrating questions helped me bring to consciousness several long-held limiting beliefs, which I was then able to resolve to a great degree during our phone call and tapping session. The best part is her compassionate, gentle voice allayed my fears with the process and emotions and helped me clear some family trauma I was sure was permanent. She also supported me with emails for the session and followed up. All of that ensured that I got the benefits not only of the session but also beyond in inspiration and willingness to keep up the tapping. She's a joy to work with!”
Angela Renkoski, St. Louis, Missouri



“This tapping class is very energizing and helps to retrain your energy pathways for better messages to yourself and healthier eating. I really enjoyed it.”
Diane Keefe, St. Louis, MO



“I had been in a difficult place for so long I'm not sure when or where it started. I found Angie on the Internet and contacted her immediately. Because of Angie, I believe that my life is important and that I am a gift of God. I had always believed that I was somehow broken and unable to be fixed. Angie helped me see and come to believe that that is not true. Angie stayed by me when I had given up. With her gentle but firm hand, she guided me back to get answers that I needed. She kept telling me that I had the answers in me already and that I just needed help finding them. She was right. Angie is intuitive and always seemed to know exactly what I needed. Was it a coincident that I found Angie on the Internet? Of course not. There are no coincidences, just the Universe bringing Angie to my rescue!”
Jane Brengle, St. Louis, MO



“I am pleased with Angie and her approach to wellness. My energy was so blocked. I have been working with Angie, doing 1 to 1 coaching and EFT for about a month and a half, and I feel so much lighter in my body, mind and spirit. I have greater clarity and direction.”
All the best, Yolanda Pope, Texas



“After struggling with weight loss for over 25 years and only having a glimpse of awareness of an unconscious block, I knew Angie's hypnosis method would break through my self-barriers and make weight loss achievable. Angie is wise beyond her years. She facilitated self awareness and personal growth by leaps and bounds over every other weight loss program I have tried. Through hypnosis, along with her EFT method, what were once elusive goals were now achieved in a matter of weeks. I had success with using hypnosis in 1991 to quit smoking. That worked after one session. Food addiction is much a more complex and complicated issue. It encompasses every area of our lives, spiritual, physical, and emotional. She designed a formula that was personal to my situation and effective. Her professional opinions and easily performed tasks were sound and quite remarkable, making insight and personal growth much more quickly attainable. Also, she is a good coach who motivates gently. I am so happy she had a method that helped me to get unstuck and move closer to achieving my personal weight loss goals.”
Donna Schmitz, St. Louis, MO



“Coaching with Angie has been a wonderful experience for me. With Angies love & support I am able to be more in control of my emotions. I have more confidence in the decisions that I make. I have learned how important it is to trust God. Coaching with Angie has been the best gift I have given to myself. She really cares about her clients.”
Jamie Bonett, New Jersey



“When I met Angie, I was feeling discouraged and hopeless in several areas of my life. I had been focusing on losing weight but discovered while working with Angie that the weight was tied to issues that I hadn't successfully dealt with. I was amazed at how quickly I refocused on what I wanted, not what I didn't want, and the weight began to fall off. She is an intuitive and gifted coach and mentor. Her integrity and professionalism helped move me through initial reluctance to commit to working with a coach. Also, I felt confident in her training & advanced certification in EFT and her certification in hypnotherapy. Working with Angie was the push I needed to take myself and my issues seriously. Most of all, after working with her the first time, I regained hope and that has been more than enough to motivate me to keep moving forward.”
Elizabeth Okenfuss, St. Louis, MO



“Working with Angie is one of the best investments I have made in myself in a long time. I have worked with a few other EFT practitioners in the past, but I didn't feel the right connection. Angie's style, her ability to target and re-frame my issues, her honesty and encouragement have really resonated with me. She incorporates different techniques, beyond EFT, that I was pleasantly surprised to experience. I look forward to continuing my work with Angie so that I can be my best possible self in all aspects of my life.”
Molly Risewick, Texas



“I was in quite a state the day of my EFT session with Angela. I was feeling as though my 5+ year relationship was about to be over and was spinning, not knowing where I was going to land.  In one session, Angie was able to shift my energy and when my relationship did end(a mere hours later, I might add), I was understandably upset, but felt a sense of relief and calm through the process of ending things and moving on. I am much happier and the typical drama that is usually present during a break up, just wasn't there.  What more can I say? EFT worked for me!”



“In my session with Angie, she used the "tapping" system. I have read about it, knew people like Jack Canfield endorsed it, but, I had not ever experienced it. This is one of those things that does not make "logical" sense, but in just one session, there certainly was something different as Angie processed the information with me.  Like many people (not all, but many!) money is my friend, and at times, money has seemed to be a bit of an enemy. I had some negative beliefs around money that the tapping seemd to challenge and quiet! Pretty exciting! Angie was able to help me shift my belief around this. I'm impressed!”
Karen Hoffman, St. Louis, MO



“My session with Angie left me feeling inspired and capable. Her ability to walk me through the EFT steps over the phone was just amazing. I had heard so much about how extremely successful EFT is, but could never get myself to carry it out on my own. Angie is so thorough, clear, and patient. In one session I felt a strong breakthrough with the issue she worked on with me. She has also cleared up many questions I had had about self-hypnosis, with comfortable clarity. I am excited to brag about her to those who are seeking to rid themselves of stubborn issues that have blocked ones goals for years. HURRAY Angie! Thank you so much for your beautiful personality and abilities.”
Joan Marie



“I had been struggling with quitting cigarettes for months and was completely frustrated with my inability to stop. I was introduced to Angela and her smoking cessation program. I tried it, and have had solid results - no cravings I cannot handle, no overeating, and much to the delight of my wife, no grouchiness. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about quitting. The cost is reasonable. Angie, thanks again.”
Pete Kunkel, St. Louis, MO



“With Angie's help through tapping I was able to focus my mind away from the negative energy and emotions I felt when dealing with a particular family member and center my thoughts and energy to a more positive place. The techniques she showed me have allowed me to minimize my anxiety instantly in situations that normally would have caused hours of distracting thoughts and emotions. It was truly a worthwhile experience.”
Amy W, St. Louis, MO



“Angie Monko has helped me in ways I never thought I could be helped. The stress of a business and other personal situations are things I thought I just had to live with and cope with myself. I didn't know that there is a person like Angie Monko that can really make a difference in my life. Just one session with Angie and the power of tapping which you will learn in a session with her, literally lowered my stress level from a 10 to a 1, and the art of tapping has given me a new outlook on controlling many of my stress-related problems. I highly recommend Angie, not just for people who have major stress but anything major or minor you need help with. Give Angie a chance to work with you. You will not be sorry you did!”
Rick Babb of The Window Gang, St. Louis, MO



“I was actually going to postpone my first session with Angela because I was stressing (how ironic) over a program I had to present that afternoon - last-minute change of venue meant I had to create all new visuals - eek! But her tapping technique for relaxing and releasing that stress turned out to be just what I needed. When we were finished, I was able to think much more clearly and creatively, designed the new visuals and had them executed with time to spare. I was still feeling the effects the following day when I had a second presentation in another city. My contact had given me the wrong location, so I arrived very last-minute. But again, felt totally relaxed, set up in plenty of time and the presentation went great. What a powerful new technique to add to my emotional tool kit! Thanks, Angela.”
Nancy Nix-Rice, Image & Wardrobe Consultant, St. Louis, MO



“In one phone call, Angie Monko talked me into a place of clarity, of understanding my own feelings which had temporarily high-jacked the driver's seat-- feelings that I had somehow been missing in my own consciousness work. Angie is enormously helpful, respectful, non-judgmental and encouraging. In addition to identifying problems, she can lead you to solutions--sometimes even immediate ones. I recommend her highly.”
Julia Gordon-Bramer, Tarot Reader/College Professor, wordgirl@nighttimes.com, St. Louis, MO



“Angie Monko is FANTASTIC with what she does! My tapping session with Angie left me feeling inspired and capable. Her ability to walk me through the EFT steps over the phone was just amazing. I had heard so much about how extremely successful EFT is, but could never get myself to carry it out on my own. Angie is so thorough, clear, and patient. In one session I felt a strong breakthrough with the issue she worked on with me. She also cleared up many questions I had about self-hypnosis, with comfortable clarity. I am excited to brag about her to those who are seeking to rid themselves of stubborn issues that have blocked their goals for years. HURRAY Angie! Thank you so much for your beautiful personality and abilities.”
Joan Marie, St. Louis, MO



“Angie Monko is a terrific hypnotist and EFT coach and VERY patient, nonjudgemental, and supportive. I highly recommend her!!”
Naomi Normington, St. Louis, MO



“My experience of Angie Monko's treatments have been of great benefit to my mental, physical and emotional health. Each treatment has left me with a lasting feeling of peace, calm and expansion. I highly recommend Angie and EFT to all that seek to transform their lives, body, mind and spirit.”
Stacy Hunsicker, St. Louis, MO



“I recently attended Angie Monko's self Hypnosis series hosted by Harmony Harbor. Angie is very personable and has a natural gift of making her clients feel comfortable and at ease. She does an excellent job of explaining the process and provides all necessary support to achieve optimum results. Thank you Angie!”
Richard Boyette



“Hi Angie, Thank you so much for making me aware of the Self-Hypnosis class you offered this fall. I don't know if you recall how reluctant I was, back in the spring, to use anything other than EFT, but WOW! I am so glad that I have this new tool to add to my “bag of tricks”. I love EFT, but I really think that the self-hypnosis touches on another layer when dealing with the mind and all of the things we hold on to. I think my biggest challenge is staying focused on one thing at a time. Although my big focus is weight loss, I decided to use it to work on not biting my nails, since it seemed less overwhelming. I actually went through the process, and I have noticed that I actually have stopped biting my nails! I need to do another round or two because every once in a while my fingers will automatically go to my mouth, but I am much more aware of it and I immediately take them away. I can't thank you enough for offering this class!”
Molly Risewick, Texas



“There is an unreplicable joy in discovering our best! Several months ago my good friend raved to me about the benefits of tapping (EFT). But it wasn't what she said about it that turned my earnest interest towards tapping as a practice for myself.... it was how her life began to shift, dramatically, as she cleared blockages and began to call into her life her deeper desires. Within a few days of when I made a firm resolution to add this technique to my arsenal of transformational tools, the ceaselessly amazing Universe did that serendipitous thing it does and masterfully conjured my re-introduction to Angie Monko, Emotional Freedom Technique Coach. After working with Angie myself, I prefer to call her Tapping (EFT) Alchemist! I am amazed with how much we shifted in such a small increment of time. Angie helped me tap through limiting beliefs and tap into unlimited possibility!”
Natalie Niceforo



“I would DEFINITELY recommend Angie! She is such a sweet and knowledgeable person who truly cares about helping others. She taught me the EFT Tapping Technique to help relieve some of my stress and anxiousness. I couldn't believe how fast, effective, and easy it was! Now I have a tool that I can use in my everyday life to help ease my stress and stay focused and productive at work. Thank you so much, Angie!”
Virginia Green



“Hey Everyone! Wishing everyone health and happiness! If you are considering making some real changes in your life through EFT and/or hypnosis, Congrats! You have definitely come to the right place!  I have worked with Angie over the phone for four months now! I prefer EFT. Angie is a great mentor, life coach and friend! She is very sweet, understanding, non judgmental, and honest. Her coaching is relevant and inspired by a higher power. Angie is totally CONNECTED. She has a gift. I would highly recommend her hypnosis or EFT coaching programs. She has helped me work through some of my oldest fears, past painful memories, improve my relationships, let go of my need to control and just an me overall sense of peace and well-being that LASTS! Angie is just so very pleasant to talk to! And I think I made a friend too! :-)”
April Behnke



“I contacted Harmony Harbor to try to quit smoking.  I was concerned because I'd try to quit previously on my own many times but was unsuccessful.  I chose Harmony Harbor over a competitor because Angie came highly recommended and took a complex approach to the solution which others did not.  The part of the process I enjoyed the most was that Angie took a realistic approach to helping me deal with the problem.  She addressed my concerns/questions throughout the process calmly, rationally, realistically.  Angie's hypnosis and coaching has allowed me to be a non smoker for the first time in 30 years.  My experience was  a huge success.  I am pleasantly surprised daily at how I have been able to remain smoke free."
David Libby, St. Louis, MO



“A spiritual void that I've been struggling with for a while prompted me to contact Harmony Harbor. I had a few concerns regarding finding a solution: finding a thorough and qualified individual, cost, and effectiveness of the method were my main concerns. After consulting with Angie over the phone, I felt that she would be able to help me, and so I chose her over other competitors. I feel like I am more aware and responsible for my own well-being, potential and happiness. The whole experience was very relaxing; there is so much to gain and so much potential in working with Angie.”
Adriana Odusanya, Bethalto, IL



“During and following my divorce I was dealing with issues of guilt and a new, complex family dynamic.  I was concerned about seeking a solution because I wasn't sure I'd find someone I could trust and be comfortable with. I felt very comfortable with Angie and liked the idea of visualizing a better life for myself and family. What I find most enjoyable is Angie's genuine demeanor on a personal level and her quick delivery of my Action Plan right after the session, highlighting her professionalism. After working with Angie, I am very aware of what my needs are and I understand how to be true to myself while reaching out to others with genuine love, not anger.  I try not to “assume” how others will react towards me anymore nor do I judge their actions as a flaw in myself. I am more confident and more calm in my personal relationships and this is helping me professionally. I had previously visited with "therapists" for marriage council.  I often felt like I was part of a clinical process and not a valued person.  Working with Angie was significantly different and that is why I continue to make Harmony Harbor part of my personal health plan.”
Tim Ward, St. Louis, MO



“My name is Mimi and I'm 54. I sought out Angie after starting Medifast and losing 40lbs. I was wanting to transition off and had great concerns about doing this and not gaining the weight back. I met with Angie and we started our journey.  We did tapping and hypnosis to learn how and why I felt this way. It was mostly about old beliefs and thoughts that I wasn't aware of. So we would tap them away and replace them with new and positive and empowering thoughts and ideas and beliefs. It was simple, easy and it worked. In hypnosis we did more of the same. I loved the hypnosis too.. The techniques worked at a much deeper level. I'd leave each time feeling stronger both mentally and physically. It gave me confidence. I had believed that I was too old, tired and out of shape to be able to do this. Angie proved me wrong. I'm down another 25lbs. I walk and run and even sprint. I don't crawl out of bed dreading the day. I spring out of bed,with a smile on my face and looked forward to what else I'll be able to do. I have gone from couch potato to working out most everyday. And love every minute of it. Angie showed me another way to look at things . It's life changing for the better.”
Thanks, Love Mimi



“Nice read. I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. He actually bought me lunch since I found it for him! So let me rephrase: Thank you for lunch!”
Kaye Mosley



“Your internet site is fantastic. Keep up the nice perform. I am going to surely come back to learn more.”



“I contacted Harmony Harbor because of weight and relationship issues. I was concerned about trying hypnosis and tapping because I had tried them before and did not feel they made a difference. I chose Harmony Harbor over a competitor because Angie has a gift with tapping, and I like the type and way she does the hypnosis sessions. She gifted me a session to try out, and I saw immediate benefit and was convinced that Angie knew what she was doing. The part of the process I found most enjoyable was that Angie is flexible and easy going, and yet she challenged me without being pushy. Angie was able to explain any question I had honestly and thoroughly throughout the process. It was also a very educational experience. Angie's coaching and hypnosis have helped me accept myself, love myself and has made my life easier. I would encourage others to do sessions with Angie. I know that you will enjoy the experience and will benefit as well.”
Alina Fernandez is the Executive Director of Conexus International, an USA owned and based organization, specializing in connecting people at a global level through study abroad language programs, engaging cultural trips around the world, and is now expanding to include spiritual and healing tours.



“Dear Angie, I very much appreciate the assistance you have provided to me to help me to better understand how to manage my thought processes so I can be more at ease with whatever circumstances may come my way.  Your techniques and ability to communicate those techniques to help people to manage their emotions and thoughts are extraordinary, and I want you to know that I very much appreciate the manner in which you have dealt with me and my concerns. After just two sessions with you I was able to be more effective at focusing my feelings and thoughts to a more productive way of thinking, and for that I am most appreciative.  If you feel my letter would be of some assistance to another person that may be concerned that you may not be able to supply the hoped for results, please feel free to use my letter in whatever way you feel necessary to help that person over their own fears.  Thank you again for helping me to become an 'over-comer', and I look forward to working with you more in the future.”
Sincerest Regards, Russ



“Worrying about the past and not being able to let it go prompted me to contact Angie and Harmony Harbor. I was concerned about the amount of time it would take, the amount of money it would cost, and whether it would work. I have tried many things in the past that have not worked. I chose Angie over competitors because Angie came highly recommended by Malina Milosevich. What I found most helpful was Angie's positive attitude and her persistence to help no matter what. Angie always addressed all of my concerns/questions in less than 12 hours. Angie taught me techniques on how to begin forgiving people from the past. Angie really believed in me and helped me get deep and figure out what the real issues are and work to dissolve them. She persistently helped me to use the techniques to relieve stress and worry, and it has allowed me to be more productive with my day.”
Brian, St. Louis, MO



“I attended Angie's workshop on "Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes Divorced Moms Make That Keep Them Worn Out & Worried About Their Family's Future!" because I appreciate Angie's insight, and I'm always interested in learning how to better address circumstances in my life and relationships, especially since my marriage has been under extreme distress for many years, and I'd like to help my young adult children learn these life skills to better communicate and create a more rewarding life journey.  At first I was concerned that I didn't have the time. I'm diligently working on different ways to grow, educate and seek the areas God is leading me toward so I need to prioritize my time and focal points so I'm not going in too many directions at the same time! It was well worth my time.  I loved Everything about the workshop! I love how Angie shares her personal journey as an example to others of how things can develop in all our lives and also as a testimony of the power and necessity of living authentically, accepting and admitting our shortcomings/mistakes so we can find a better way. Diving into the ways our belief systems develop and can hinder us in daily living is great and foundational! All the tips she gave about our subconscious mind controlling our actions | there were so many things that were pertinent. Awareness is the first step to making changes and Angie offered significant information that is very useful.  Angie reaffirmed some things that will help my young adult children as they think about ways they want to address hurdles in their lives. I also learned about some things hindering my marriage. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others because I believe Angie is very gifted at helping people learn how to better know themselves and offer useful tools to apply in life that can begin the process of creating a better life and relationships starting today. Also, she truly cares about making a difference and her heart shows through.  It is very uplifting to know I have a resource in Angie to help others at a time when people are really struggling and often feel hopeless or simply stuck. This is a great program to help people understand the things that hinder them and help them find their way to making life more harmonious, which impacts families, marriages, children, communities, the workplace and the world! It all starts with us and Angie is sharing her gifts and expertise to bring peace and joy into our broken lives with God's loving guidance.”
Cheri Otzenberger, St. Louis, MO



“I have been a fan of Angie's work for many years and love everything that she has done! I need to do a workshop similar to this, and seeing her do it so effortlessly was incredibly inspirational. I know lots of single moms are really struggling with these issues of feeling less than, guilty and overwhelmed. They can never have the relationships they were born to have until they heal their hearts and minds in this way! Angie laid out the plan for them very easily, succinctly, and safely to walk through this healing process.  The 3 strategies will provide a relief to moms to know that answers are out there to their problems!!!  I absolutely recommend Angie's workshop! I worked through these steps several years ago with my own healing team, and if it had not been for their love, support and wisdom, I would not be where I am today, inspired to help others heal and manifest the life of their dreams. We are all here for an amazing purpose, and the sooner we join together to release all the things that are holding us back, the sooner the whole world will change and transform, and the sooner we will create the happy joyful life that we all desire to have! Angie has been there and walks her talk! She knows from experience exactly what it feels like to be where her clients are, and she has an incredible program that will bring happy healthy and harmonious relationships back to all areas of their lives!”
Sandy Tomey, St. Louis, MO



“I had heard so many good things about Angie that I wanted to meet with her. I was dealing with some personal issues and thought she could help. I had talked with others about some of my personal issues but never felt that any strides were ever made to effectively deal with them. Angie came so highly recommended that I felt as though I had nothing to lose. I respect recommendations from others. At our first meeting, Angie uncovered a relationship issue that I was unaware was so much a part of my life for years...and now was gone. I never realized the impact that was having on my life. Angie is always very open to discussing freely any concerns I may be dealing with. The coaching has been such an eye opener that I'm still trying to get a grip on it. Angie has helped me to simplify my life and focus on what is really important. I would strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with personal (or business) issues and needs an objective ear to definitely contact Angie. She has a marvelous way of finding the real source of the issue and helping one to focus on that. It's been a real blessing to work with her.”
D.H., St. Louis, MO



“Anxiety and fear around relatively mundane operations prompted me to contact Harmony Harbor. My main struggle has been whether to live in the solution or the problem. I'm not so much concerned about money and time. Getting out of myself and familiar chaos has been a struggle. I met Angie and was instantly comfortable with her. I had also heard a testimonial that spoke to the professionalism and positivity that Harmony Harbor provides. I most enjoy the 1 on 1 counseling sessions. Angie does not have a problem calling me out on stuff and NOT holding it against me! Angie has addressed any questions or concerns quietly and respectfully. At no time have I ever felt coerced or judged. With Angie's guidance, I am now looking at my entire life experience differently. I have applied techniques and approaches Angie has taught me with family relationships, work relationships and in how I look at myself.”
Sander Coovert, St. Louis, MO



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