Creating a Brighter Future After A Difficult Life Transition


So you are going through some changes. Times are stressful and maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by all that’s on your plate. You do so much for everyone else, it’s time to take care of YOU.

This ebook will help you get started on the road
to healing, so that can feel good in your
bones about who you’re becoming in this
lifetime. You’ve got this!

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Feeling Lost And Alone After a Difficult Life Transition?

Difficult Life Transitions can become traumas which can make you feel frozen.

You aren’t alone.

I am here to support you through this fearful valley of the unknown.

It will be OK. You will be OK.

Are you ready to confidently move forward into a brighter future?

I am here for you.

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Hello. I’m Angie.

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, speaker, blogger, author, energy healer, and self-love coach.

I guide women to find Hope after the trauma of a difficult life transition (loss, divorce, aging, illness, etc.) in order to confidently create their next chapter. By providing a safe space in my workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, I have helped hundreds of women since 2008 come home to themselves as Loving Self-Advocates.

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