Creating a Brighter Future After A Difficult Life Transition





Feeling Lost And Alone After a Difficult Life Transition?

Difficult Life Transitions can become traumas which can make you feel frozen. You aren’t alone. I am here to support you through this fearful valley of the unknown.

It will be OK. You will be OK.

Are you ready to confidently move forward into a brighter future? 

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Hello. I’m Angie.

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, speaker, blogger, author, energy healer, and self-love coach.

I guide women to find Hope after the trauma of a difficult life transition (loss, divorce, aging, illness, etc.) in order to confidently create their next chapter. By providing a safe space in my workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, I have helped hundreds of women since 2008 come home to themselves as Loving Self-Advocates.

Recent Blogs

Are You Mourning Your Youth?

Are You Mourning Your Youth?

Mourning your youth? Aging takes courage, I once heard someone say. We begrudginly watch things disappear:  the death of loved ones, our looks and our health. As women, we have been programmed to believe that a large part of our worth is tied up in our looks and how...

Parental Alienation: Have Your Kids Turned Against You?

Parental Alienation: Have Your Kids Turned Against You?

If you are the targeted parent in Parental Alienation Syndrome, you know all too well how heartbreaking this situation is. I've been hearing more and more cases of this happening, and it feels similar to the rampant mindset in today's world of "cancelling" another...

Are You Grieving Something?

Are You Grieving Something?

Grief is something we want to avoid as a human because it is painful. Grief (defined as deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death) is something we will all experience. This blog explores how to recognize grief, 3 reasons we grieve, and how to process...

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Self Care for Women Going Through Difficult Life Transitions