Watch this video where Beth Moe interviews me about how
women try to be everything to everybody, putting themselves
on the back burner.

I was preparing my gardens a couple of Sundays ago (my 2nd year). I
tend to get overwhelmed because there is so much to learn. One
question leads to many other questions and it feels daunting.

My perfectionism kicks in and causes me to doubt myself so
much that I freeze. I then procrastinate getting started and can’t
do anything. I put off growing microgreens in the fall, planting
my own seedlings this winter, and even starting my garden.

I can’t really plant my vegetables because my soil isn’t ready. I need
to get biochar and activate it which takes two weeks. Ugh. I didn’t
do this right last year apparently and used the wrong product (charcoal)
or I would have remembered the issue.

This got me to thinking, “I wish my gardening coach would put a
one sheet together that had the top recommendations for how to
prep a garden (two inches of compost on top, worm castings, activated
biochar in each plant hole, etc.).

What’s this got to do with you?

Well I imagine that sometimes creating transformation that lasts
in your life can feel so overwhelming
(i.e., “I have so many things to
change about myself that I don’t know where to begin”) that you
just don’t do anything.

Many women who are used to trying to be and do everything for
don’t know how to prioritize themselves as a Loving
Self-Advocate (LSA) or where to begin treating themselves with more

How can I help you solve this problem? How can I create a self-care
one sheet that is simple and easy to follow? It needs to jumpstart you
stepping into your Loving Self-Advocate shoes so you can slow down
and deeply connect to yourself.

Why is this self-connection a big deal? Without it, you will feel
lonely and disconnected from others.

We need people. We need each other, now more than ever.
Without our own ability to connect to our heart and nurture
our spirit, we will feel lost and aimless, without purpose.

This leads to depression and suicide at worst and discontentment
and unfulfillment at best.

After being a student AND teacher of all things connection and
relationship while owning my business the last 13 years, I can
distill down into a simple recommendation a process that will get you
started on the road to receiving the precious gift of self-connection.

It’s called the JTM Morning Empowerment Ritual.

We must slow down our busy pace to connect with and heal ourselves. We
owe it to humanity to heal ourselves, I heard someone recently say.

Self care in this case is a process of doing three things in this order,
an acronym, JTM.

The J stands for Journal. Journaling for 5 minutes helps to get our thoughts
onto paper (better out than in), where we can relieve the mental congestion
as well as release the suppressed emotions. It is very cathartic and healing.

The T stands for Tap. Tap for 5 minutes on what you just journaled about. And
if you don’t know what to say, tap while you read what you just wrote. Tapping
is a beautiful way to calm your nervous system, rewire your thinking, relieve
your feelings. For more information on that, see this video.

Lastly, the M stands for meditate. Meditate for 5 minutes which helps us to
connect to our Higher Self by slowing down our thoughts. When we relax
we can listen better to our inner wisdom, which comes from something
bigger than us.

Following the JTM process helps us to manage our well-being on all
levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is important as we
are whole beings, not robots. We need nurturing and slowing down time.

No matter how much we think we are super women, we are human
after all, with human needs, nervous systems and bodies.
They wear out.
They get tired.

When you begin to JTM daily, you’ll hear inner promptings to take
actions that align with your best interests. And only YOU can define
your best interests. Only YOU know what brings you the most discomfort
and most delicious desire.

Look for a one sheet in the next week that you can print out or put
on your phone for easy access.

If you really want to nurture yourself, put it on your calendar now
to attend our free, women’s retreat, online June 26 and 27.

Much Love,