• Do you feel lonely and in need of the warmth of human
    connection and love

  • Are you tired of shallow conversations and crave that
    “snuggling by a fire” feeling of closeness
    with those you love?

  • Do you feel a looming sense of rejection/judgement lurking
    right around the corner
    if you honestly say what’s on your
    mind and do what you really want?

If so and you’re on the fence about attending this unique,
2 day, free women’s retreat, let me help you get clarity.

What you can expect this Friday and Saturday:

1) You’ll be joining on zoom with other women who are
ready to stop giving their power away to others and create
a more laughter, joy and connection.

2) We will create a safe, sacred container for you, interrupt
harmful relationship dynamics and replace them with new
new healthy habits that invite closeness and connection
with others.

3) We’ll do the deep inner work using Emotional Freedom
Techniques to change how we are perceiving life in such a
way that brings us suffering, loneliness, numbness, and pain,
going to the root of where trauma originates, in our energy

This retreat is FOR YOU if you are READY to:

1) Take personal responsibility without harsh self-judgment
for where you’re at.

2) Look within yourself for the answers on how to create
better relationships (it’s not out there in them).

3) Get real and honest with yourself and stop telling the
lies/giving excuses that nothing will ever change because
this is just how you are, how they are, and how life is.

If you’re the quiet, introvert personality, don’t worry. You can
still get tons out of this. Consider it two days of YOU time, in
which you give yourself permission to slow down, go within,
have lunch and regular breaks to do more inner connecting,
even in nature if you prefer or with your dog/cat.

If you’re a social butterfly and love to express yourself, this
will be an opportunity to hear the hearts of other intuitive,
empathic women and realize you aren’t alone.

This retreat is NOT FOR YOU if:

1) You want to continue to blame yourself or others.
2) You aren’t willing to take a look at your beliefs, feelings
and behaviors that are creating your experience/perception
of life.

Register now. Let’s do this together…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was
more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin


Angie Monko