What do you believe is your purpose, your highest calling, for this lifetime? Why is it important to align with your purpose as a woman leader?

You have a purpose because you have a unique story, with you as the main character, the leading actor. I once heard a minister say that we all have the same purpose, “To love, give and serve.” This sounds nice, but it isn’t true. It doesn’t match reality.  Some characters could care less about loving, giving, and serving because they play a villain role.

Purposes are as varied as the number of people on the planet, because we each have a unique story. In this way, you are special. You aren’t meant to be like everyone else. This gives you the opportunity to give up a lot of shame that somehow you should be any other way.

This blog covers why purpose is important for female leaders and three strategies to help you get clarity to identify your life purpose.

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Why is Alignment to Purpose Important for Female Leaders

Aligning to your purpose inspires you to not only get out of bed in the morning, but it feels right. It also feels light, like you’re following your soul’s desire.  You may not be able to explain it, but you just “know” that this is your path. It makes your heart sing when you are aligned to your purpose. It gives you an anchor to come back to you, when you feel you may be veering off path in your life.

This is a feminine approach to leadership where you use your intuition. When aligned, others naturally feel this positive pull of energy and want to follow you.

3 Strategies for Finding Your Purpose


Below are three strategies to get you thinking about your unique personality/character. You can do one or all three of them. The whole idea is to engage your Wiser Self and give you clarity in finding your purpose so you can keep coming back to it when life gets turbulent.

3 Strategies for Finding Your Purpose as a Female Leader

These strategies put your mind in a different region of your brain, and take you out of fight or flight, survival mode. They will help you connect with your Truth.

Strategy 1: Understand Your Core Values and Beliefs

By understanding your core values and beliefs, you can work backwards to find your purpose.

What really matters to you?  The list of values is endless.  What lights you up and when you’re doing it, feels like joy and contentment, like “Ahhhhh….I’ve arrived home?”

Here are some things that bring me peace, joy and contentment:

1) Deep, intimate conversations with my husband, friends, and clients, basically with people who are up for a heart-to-heart connection.

2) Loving and being with animals, especially my dog, Mars.

3) I love to learn by listening while cooking delicious, healthy meals in the kitchen to be enjoyed by myself and others.

4) I love reading books while sitting in my infrared sauna.

5) I love going to craft fairs with my mom and girlfriends.

6) I love putting out holiday decorations.

7) I love being out in nature with the trees and sky. 

8) I love traveling with my husband and friends and family and seeing new faces and places and eating new foods.

9) I love writing to express myself.

I could go on, but let’s see how I can distill my core values from just listing these 9 items.

  • Deep connection with myself and others
  • Animals and Nature
  • Learning/Traveling/New Experiences
  • Beauty/Creativity

TIP: Make a list of 5-10 items that bring you joy. Now pull out the top 3 from this list which indicate your Values.

Strategy 2: Identify Your Strengths and Passions

To know your strengths and passions is like leaving a breadcrumb trail to your Purpose. 

Know Thyself

You can do so many different personality profiles, like DISC, Myers Briggs, and True Colours, etc.

You can also discover your Human Design which combines astrology with the chakra system, the I Ching and the Kabbalah to create a blueprint of how you are uniquely designed to use your energy and make decisions. This is one of my favorites.

Ask People

Another great way to discover where you excel is by asking people closest to you, “I’m wanting to understand myself better so I can be a better leader and be happier.  What do you see are my top 3 strengths? And where do you see that I could improve–please tell me at least one thing. I won’t get my feelings hurt as I am asking for this information.”

My Personal Profile

I’m driven and can sometimes put tasks before people. But I’m also well-balanced and can be quite nurturing and empathetic of others. I’m a Generator in Human Design and so have a lot of energy to produce but that doesn’t mean I should say yes to everything. I need to be very discerning in how I use my energy.

My strengths are connection, writing, organizing, identifying patterns in life and in people, seeing beyond the mask we wear, discernment, creating a safe space of non-judgment, cooking, doing self-care, etc.

TIP: Pick a method you’d like to use to learn about the different shades of you.  Choose one that intrigues you. Get curious about yourself. You are an amazing creation of the Universe.

Strategy 3: Do the End of Your Life Exercise

3 Strategies for Finding Your Purpose as a Female Leader

Ask yourself these three very important questions. Asking deep, reflective questions engages the part of your brain that is Wise, your Higher Self.

  1. At the end of your life, looking back, what is important to you? 
  2. At the end of your life, looking back, what is not important to you?
  3. If this were your last day on earth, would you continue to live your life in the same manner?

What is important to me is creating long-term connections with others who get me and are for me. In turn, they trust me enough to do the same for them.

TIP: Get a nice journal and answer these 3 questions.

3 Strategies for Finding Your Purpose as a Female Leader

What Is Your Purpose–Putting it All Together

After doing one or all of these reflection exercises, see if you’re any clearer on your purpose.

My definition for purpose is that it is the unique lesson that you’re to learn in this lifetime. It can be identified by the commonalities (a/k/a through lines or patterns) that are unfolding in your story. In other words, your purpose is both the positive and negative parallels that continue to show up in the major events or chapters of your life story.

Personally, the negative pattern in my life has been, “I’m betrayed…by another person, by God, by myself.” The positive pattern woven throughout my life that counteracts this is, “I am an overcomer and resilient. I will be here for myself no matter what. I will not abandon me.”

Therefore, my purpose is to learn loyalty to myself so that I can be the best Angie and share my lessons with others. By knowing my worth and who I am, I can create a deep, authentic connection with myself and then with others, which delights me.

Based on my strengths of connection and writing, etc., I’m wired to be a life coach who teaches others through example and non-judgment, how to live an authentic life. I am not to advise or be arrogant or believe I know what’s best. Rather, I am to call forth from others their own unique recipe for living their best life.

Take a moment and really reflect: What is YOUR purpose? How will you use it to keep you on track when life presents its obstacles?


Even though it may seem daunting to find your life purpose, it doesn’t have to be. It can be easy and enjoyable.

Spend an hour doing one or more of the reflection exercises, understanding your core values and beliefs, identifying your strengths and passions, and doing the end-of-life exercise. See what clarity unfolds when you engage your Wiser Self.

Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders