About Angie Monko

Angie founded Harmony Harbor Coaching in 2008 and practiced part-time for 3 years, since she was still employed full-time at her corporate job at AT&T. She had a degree in accounting and became a CPA because she liked the safety of numbers (they made sense–debits = credits). She practiced in the field of finance, accounting and operations for 20 years before she got the courage to leave in 2011, giving up the safety of the “golden handcuffs.”

Angie is a compulsive eater and began going to a 12 step meeting in 2002 to learn how to manage that. She started sponsoring others five months later. Several years into the program, a woman approached her after a meeting and asked if she’d ever thought about being a life coach, and she said, “A what?” as she’d never heard of it.

A year later, someone else at the same meeting encouraged her to look into life coaching, and this time she did. She was referred to a coach in Canada who then referred her to a life coach a block away from her house in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Coincidence? She didn’t think so. Barb came to her house and at the end of their two hour meeting introduced her to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Angie fell in love and the next day ordered all of the training DVD’s on EFT and began listening every day before going into work. She got Basic and Advanced Certifications in EFT that year, 2007, and launched Harmony Harbor Coaching 3/8/08, guiding women to release weight using EFT. She opted not to go the traditional route of getting a Coaching Certification because she loved EFT so much and was confident how she could help others.

Over the years, clients who organically came to her had a fear of displeasing others, codependency issues, emotional eating or drinking, seeking others’ approval, and the need to self-protect themselves from further frustration and disappointment. They had lost themselves in other people’s agendas.

Her focus thus switched to helping people in the realm of relationships, to create deep connections with themselves in order to have loving, intimate relations with those around them.

In late 2019, a business colleague approached Angie about creating a Collaborative Divorce Alliance (we can insert the CDA website page), a partnership with attorneys, mediators and other professionals with divorce specialties to provide a resource to those navigating the painfully difficult divorce process.

Their purpose is to minimize the suffering brought about when parents decide to divorce and maximize the potential for each person to make positive life choices based on what they want for their children, their vision and desired lifestyle.
This collaboration helped Angie to narrow her specialty even more, though still in the realm of relationships, to women who are going through divorce.

Angie is a Conscious Divorce Coach for women. She guides women to heal from the trauma of divorce so they can move forward stronger and happier into their next chapter.

Angie went through a bitter divorce in 1998, and due to low self-worth and being ruled by guilt and shame, she gave custody of her only child (two years old) to her spouse, totally betraying herself and Maddie.

Over the years, Maddie was put in the middle of their bitter love triangle, believing it wasn’t safe to love certain people, like her stepdad. She often felt an awkward tug of war between her mom and dad.

Maddie moved in with Angie when she was 13, and they were both excited, but she felt guilty for leaving her dad’s family. She had cystic fibrosis, and the stress of being in the middle, feeling torn between the two families, exacerbated an already serious, chronic illness. Sadly, Maddie gave up her battle to CF when she was 22 and died 10/26/18.

Angie, though she misses Maddie’s physical presence every single day, has moved forward with Maddie as her Angel Guide. Angie has learned to never abandon herself for someone else’s agenda, to turn her pain into progress, to be a Loving Self-Advocate, to stand up for herself, and to heal her heart.

The negative impact of divorce on young children is very common. They have a 25-30% greater chance of depression, anxiety, declining grades, drug and alcohol abuse, and self-defeating behaviors such as acting out with anger and failure to thrive. The long-term mental and emotional effects of divorce remain with children, often a minimum of two decades and even for a lifetime.

The negative impact on people going through divorce is also well-documented. If someone gets divorced, their odds go up 20% for getting cancer, heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, or a life-threatening illness. This can affect them the rest of their life, and they can die prematurely.

After Angie’s painful divorce experience and because of how it can harm children and people so profoundly, desires to help as many women and children as possible to avoid what she experienced.

Harmony Harbor Coaching is a sacred, safe container for women going through divorce, to get support and confidently move forward as a Loving Self-Advocate, where they learn to honor, respect and be patient with all parts of themselves, especially the hurt, traumatized inner child.

Angie’s mission is to create a thriving community of women who have each other’s back and show up without the metaphorical mask, where deep friendships, honest communication, true support, love and collaborations abound.

By creating this safe space of support in her workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, women better communicate their needs and manage their energy, thus creating harmony and connection within themselves.

Under Angie’s guidance, women become healthy and vital leaders for themselves, their family, friends and all they influence. By healing their heart from the trauma of divorce and harmful beliefs about their worthiness and deservingness, they are able to advocate for their needs to be met in a healthy way, feel supported, and take actions that align with their heartfelt desires.

Angie has certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnosis and The Healing Codes and is well-versed in Donna Eden energy medicine, all designed to reprogram out thinking and heal the heart so we can take actions that feel right to our core.