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Hi I’m Angie!

Hello, brave, beautiful woman. I’m Angie Monko.

I guide Intuitive Women Leaders to go from stressed out, overwhelmed and heading for burnout to achieving more success and happiness with less effort by reprogramming their limiting beliefs through energy techniques.

I support women leaders by helping them identify the overwhelm, and work through their pain and past traumas by providing a safe space for them to heal. 

They’ve been putting everyone else first in a way that leads to exhaustion. It’s not sustainable, and they know it.  I help them to remember their bodies and their hearts because they’ve been disconnected from them.  This feels lonely. And it doesn’t have to continue.

Women leaders touch a lot of lives. If they are to be effective, they need to be able to gracefully move through difficult life transitions, like grief, divorce, estrangement and aging. 

I provide a sacred energetic container of safety and support. My clients have the opportunity to rediscover hope, friendship, a comforting smile and hug, confidence to be themselves, and finally move forward and create their next beautiful chapter.

When we live as what I call a “Loving Self-Advocate,” we are anchored in this energy that allows us to set healthy boundaries that bless us and everyone, versus building rigid walls of self-protection to keep everyone away.

“Life is too short to be anything but yourself!”

Maddie Reynolds     

Angie's Daughter Maddie

My Story-My Why

For much of my life I felt like a victim to circumstances. It started when I lost my Aunt Elaine when I was six years old. She was exactly 10 years older than me because we were both born on 9/23.  We were close and she’d take me everywhere. I’d been at my cousin’s for a sleepover and having a good time. My mom called and told me Elaine had died (she had a fast growing cancerous tumor in her chest).
From that moment forward, I lived in fear of the “other shoe dropping,” thinking I was going to die when I turned 16 just like Elaine did.
I went through a bitter divorce to my first husband in 1998, in which I relinquished custody of my only child, Maddie, when she wasn’t quite two years old. Maddie had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 4 days old to further complicate matters.  I felt so guilty for betraying myself and Maddie by this regretful decision.
My ex remarried a year after our divorce and had two boys.  I remarried in 2002 to Steve who had a young daughter, Chelsea (7 years old at that time).  Over the years, Maddie was put in the middle of our bitter love triangle, believing it wasn’t OK to love certain people, like her stepdad. Maddie moved in with us when she was 13, and we were all excited, but she felt guilty for leaving her dad’s family. 
The stress of being in the middle, feeling torn between the two families, exacerbated an already serious, chronic illness. Sadly, Maddie gave up her battle to CF when she was 22 and died 10/26/18.
I miss Maddie’s physical presence every single day, and I am moving forward with Maddie as my Angel Guide. I no longer abandon myself for someone else’s agenda, but stand up for myself as a Loving Self-Advocate. I teach others to do the same.

How I Have Made a Difference for Women

I see beyond my clients’ story of suffering. I tell them the truth with love (not as their guru, but as their guide or mirror). We don’t see our own blind spots that keep us stuck in suffering, and so it’s vital to have a trusted confidante who has our back.

When women work with me, they are able to rediscover Themselves and Find Hope, Possibility and Confidence to be be the leader they were always meant to be.

How? By having a felt experience of feeling SAFE in the body and SUPPORTED (the first two criteria to heal from trauma) by me and a loving community of women. They are able to show up for themselves and heal their heart. 

By having this sacred energetic container of safety and support in my workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, women are asking for their needs to be met in a healthy way, which changes the way they relate to everyone in their lives. Happy relationships = happy life.

Under my guidance, women are becoming healthy and vital leaders for themselves, their family, friends and all they influence. They are healing their heart from the trauma of a difficult life transitions, like divorce and grief. They’re replacing harmful beliefs about their worthiness and deservingness with beliefs that affirm “I AM ENOUGH.” Hence, they are able to advocate for themselves and take actions that align with their spirit, heartfelt values and desires. 

Women have moved forward after major losses, finding their footing again. They have moved on from marriages, creating a whole new, happy, prosperous, vibrant life. Women have saved their marriages, upleveling their joy and happiness with their current partners. Whatever their choice, they have Hope for a brighter future and believe they are worth it. See Testimonials.

I have certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnosis and The Healing Codes and am well-versed in Donna Eden energy medicine, all designed to reprogram our thinking and heal our heart at an energetic, root cause level.

I am also an International Best Selling Author with my latest anthology, called Shift with Intention and Soar. And I’m currently pursuing a certification in Positive Intelligence.

Holistic Energy

Why an Energy Approach?

I’m passionate about helping women to heal holistically, addressing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.  

The energy healing approach is the most advanced form of healing available, the most effective and fast, per Donna Eden, authority on energy medicine.  

This passion for energy healing began when I felt hopeless watching my daughter, Maddie’s, health decline. For 15 years she did quite well. She developed cystic fibrosis-induced diabetes when she was 13, about the same time she moved in with me.   

It’s important to understand the mind-body connection. Diabetes is a disease of self-rejection, and I recall how guilty and selfish she felt for “leaving” her dad, stepmom and 2 brothers. Our mental and emotional state has a huge impact on our physical body.

When Maddie was 15, she went into the hospital for the first time with a CF exacerbation. The protocol for treating someone with CF is to give them potent IV antibiotics for a week or more.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but these drugs have a negative side effect, destroying the good gut bacteria in addition to the bad, hindering the immune system which is largely housed in the gut.

Maddie went into the hospital again when she was 16, 17, and then the frequency of visits increased to a couple of times per year and more as the disease progressed. It began to make sense that this protocol didn’t address Maddie as a whole human being. Drugs were the main answer which fell short of a full solution.

My own healing journey led me to seek to understand my own emotions and beliefs. How could I have given custody of Maddie at 2? This pain led me to becoming a life coach.  I knew I needed to heal myself.  

We heal on 4 levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Like 4 legs of a table, if we remove one leg, we are lopsided.  To live in harmony, we need to address all 4 areas, and treat ourselves as a whole person.

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