Have you ever been in one of those moods?  Nothing seems to go right.  I woke up today and my energy was just off.  I have been in such a good mood lately, feeling so connected to my Higher Self and to everyone, and so this feels like a stark contrast.

My husband and daughter are both getting on my nerves.  I feel tired.  I have been going at a fast pace this week, and I think it has just caught up with me.  Plus, I am doing things I am uncomfortable with, web site stuff, a customer relationship management project, etc.

I had wanted to get so much done today, and it is just not panning out as I had hoped. So I feel frustrated. So I guess I will do as I advise others when they get in a funk.  Acknowledge, love, and release.  What do I mean?  Here is a real life example of what is going on for me today.

1)  I acknowledge that I am not happy.  “I feel tired and worn down. I do not feel like being around people.  I do not feel like doing much of anything except resting and taking it easy.  I do not want to be on a tight time schedule.  I am not getting much done today and that is okay.” Note:  This is not easy for me to admit since I am usually high energy.
2)  Love myself where I am at.  “Whatever part of me feels tired, I love you.  I am sending love to you and thanking you for giving me feedback as to how to treat myself. I am not going to resist these feelings.”
3)  Now I am ready to release what I have been feeling. As a symbol of this little process, I rub my hands together and shake them off, like shaking off water.  That is the releasing part. I feel better already, and now I am ready to write my main article for today.

Try this sometime! It really works and it is very simple.  Of course, follow up by pampering yourself with your words (I am OK.  All is well.  I am doing my best and that is good enough) and actions, a nice hot bath, a good book or movie and just slowing down….

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God Bless,

Angie Monko