Hello Friends,

My reverend pointed out that one way we can begin to change our belief systems to ones that better serve us is by making a U-turn in consciousness.  One example of a consciousness U-turn is to change from addictive demand to preference.  This really resonated with me.  How often have I demanded that things look the way I want them to?  And if they don’t, I get angry and upset, especially when it comes to
my physical surroundings.  I can’t stand it when my kids leave used tissues lying around or don’t put things back where they belong so the next person can find them, or if they don’t replace empty toilet paper rolls, and I could literally go on and on.

These minor irritations in life bother me more than the biggies, and they certainly happen a lot more often.  So the idea of giving up my addictive demands was refreshing! To expect people to behave how we want at all times to keep our peace is ridiculous, but I must admit that I find myself doing it far too often.  It’s addictive demand because it’s almost as if we need it to feel safe.  It feels much better when I think, “I really prefer that the kids be more tidy and respect my wishes.   I want this and prefer not to repeat
myself continually, but I can’t control it.  I refuse to demand it because then I lose my own sense of peace and power.  And nothing is worth that, is it?”

So next time we find ourselves demanding that we must eat at this restaurant or that, that we leave on time, that our kids clean up their room, that our husbands pay us more (or less) attention, or that our kids eat healthier, remember to BE PEACE if possible.  They will actually respond more in alignment with our wishes when we let go of control.

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Peace and Love to you,