I think that my automatic response to a big to-do list is stress.  Even though I’ve made peace a high priority, I sometimes get frustrated at how easily I slip into the old familiar habit of feeling overwhelmed.  I can be of no use to anyone at this point.  Further the feeling that I am being cornered or put into a pressure cooker does nothing to induce my creative juices.   I want to blame my busy schedule and feel justified that I don’t feel at ease with my world.

Even the thought of giving up stress stresses me out.  Somehow my ego, which tries feverishly to protect the status quo, has me convinced that I’m a victim and always will be. Who am I to break out of this box of mediocrity?  When the uncomfortable feelings get to be too much, I want to turn to food for comfort.  Food is a great comforter after all.

The problem is that if I abuse food and assign all sorts of guilty associations to it, my body and mind and spirit will rebel.  I may suffer ill health, relationship difficulties, scarcity, etc.   The good news is that as I persist in believing in myself, more on some days than others, the loud critical voice gets quieter. This makes room for my wiser Self to speak more clearly. I can also use emotional freedom technique or tapping to aid in the transition of inner change. I’ve been afraid of change, just like you.  I try to think of change as a means of releasing something that already exists in me.  There is a part of me that wants to express myself through my writing.

If I keep avoiding my feelings by stuffing them down with food,  I will never fully express all of who I am.  So how do I change the stress pattern?  For starters, I can become aware of it and then decide to respond in a new way.  I can tap on my karate chop point and say, “Even though I typically respond to a big to-do list with overwhelm and stress, I now choose to be willing to release this pattern and respond with love
and peace instead.”  There may be trauma stuck in the body, and if so, I can tap on those specific events that caused the trauma to clear it out.  It is always my choice on how I respond to life’s circumstances.

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Here’s to your harmony!

Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko