I’ve heard it said we can only live up to our inner image.  So what is most important? I know many people are concerned about their self-image, the outer image they convey to the world. What should I wear to look and feel important?  How can I make others respect me?  I should drive a certain car and live in a certain part of the neighborhood.  I need to make so much money.  Many of us are outer-image focused, and there is nothing wrong with that. Here is where we can get into trouble though.  We can allow our need to appear put together to interfere with our inner peace.

How do we know if our self-image is not healthy and not serving us?  We require others to behave according to our values and beliefs, and we judge them if they do not.  We feel superior and judge others and thereby separate ourselves from and don’t support them because they don’t look or behave the way we want them to. You see, that is a belief too, that others must be like us.  The problem is that when you judge others for being different from you, and you assume you KNOW the right way to be, you cause yourself to suffer.

If your thinking causes you to feel badly, then it’s coming from your ego, not your Higher Self.  Your True Nature is to LOVE, ACCEPT and FORGIVE yourself and others. If you are not doing this, you are letting a part of you that is fearful and angry run the show. So you can be beautiful on the outside and convey a confident, secure person, but it is most important that you align this outer image with your inner image to be congruent.  Do you love and accept and forgive yourself?  Do your inner feelings match your outer appearance?

This is the true definition of congruence.  No one can determine if you are congruent but you.
If YOU are aligned with you, you are congruent, no matter what anyone else says. If you are NOT aligned with you, no amount of money or prestige or what anyone else says or does will make you congruent. So what can you do?  Be open to examining your belief systems (BS). Are they based on the Truth of who you are (love, acceptance and forgiveness), and you believe them, do they lift your spirits, helping you to feel at peace, joyful, connected, and empowered? OR are they based on FEAR, an old way of thinking, helping you to feel separate, angry, judgmental and disempowered?

Even though you may feel a sense of satisfaction  because you get to be right, is that really WHO you want to be?  If not, change how you perceive a situation. The new age of business that is emerging is about honest communication, authentic collaboration, caring about one another, doing business and supporting each of us because we know, like and trust each other and because we are happy to see each other succeed and prosper and spread good tidings to the rest of the world. Women are the ones who must pave the way, because we understand relationship.

Your first step?  Get clear on what you want so you have something to focus upon.  Keep focusing on THAT and don’t let others’ drama distract you.  While you are busy focusing upon aligning with what you truly want, you will naturally begin to love, accept and forgive yourself! In order to transform this world, you must be able to transform yourself.  By becoming your own thought leader, you influence your family, your husband, your children.

They will begin to heal and change before your eyes.  Then you will influence your community, then your state, then your country, then your world.

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Angie Monko