A wise friend told me that the quality of my life depends upon the quality of questions that I ask myself.  If I ask questions like, “Why is this happening to me?” in a whiny tone, the answer will most likely come from a source inside of me that is immature.  It might answer, “Because you are lazy and stupid!” These last couple of months have been difficult for me. I have felt rejected by my daughter, Maddie, who is going to stay with her dad in Pennsylvania indefinitely, but I believe I’ve made peace with this and no longer feel that way.

So I was questioning, not in a complaining way, why I still was feeling rejected.  I truly wanted to hear an answer. Then it came to me.  I’ve put a lot of effort into creating these workshops I’m now doing, and every month, besides the first one, attendance has been low.  I have been repeatedly feeling rejected by people not showing up.  I know I need to change this energy about myself if I want to change future outcomes. So I began asking different, more quality questions to elicit a mature response.  I asked God, “How can I unblock my channels and allow myself to receive the Good I deserve and tap into the well-being that always exists?”

One thing I know.  I have been blocking my flow and my joy lately.  It’s still there!  Nothing disappeared.  I just began focusing on the wrong things, fearful thoughts, asking fearful questions to myself.  What if we run out of money?  What if Steve can’t find a job after his unemployment runs out this month? What if? What if? Maybe you’ve noticed a lot of fear too as of late.  We tend to pick up on other people’s moods and stresses.  My reverend said that probably half of what I’m feeling isn’t even mine.  It’s easy to get swept away in a panic when when everyone around you is in chaos. It’s okay to acknowledge how we feel,
but how about we do it quickly and release it quickly?

Then get onto the business of asking how and what questions, such as, “How can I be an open vessel to the Good that I’m swimming in?” “What possibilities await my life when I relax, trust and enjoy?” I know things may look a little dreary right now, with the economy, with how people are thinking, but we could turn this world around in an instant.  Change begins on the inside, with each one of us.  Let this transformation begin with YOU.  Make peace within your own mind and begin asking quality questions. Your first question my be, “How is my life going to get better and better every day?  What amazing things are waiting for me?”

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God Bless,

Angie Monko