Do you confidently and passionately live life on YOUR terms without feeling guilty or selfish?

This is not the case for most people. For most of us, especially women, we give, give and give, and
when we can’t give any more, we resent the person asking of our time and money.

Once we get exhausted and overwhelmed and angry enough, maybe, JUST maybe…we will pull back our efforts and slow down.  We will take care of our self by getting more rest, exercise, relaxation, better nutrition, and take our supplements and drink our water.

Then we start to feel a little better.  Someone phones us, “Hey, Sally!  How are you?  You’re such a great organizer.  Can I count on you to help out at the volunteer luncheon next Wednesday?”

Because your giving efforts have been a little scarce lately as you’ve been spending more time on self care, you say yes.  The guilt had already begun to set in….and by saying yes, you relieve a little bit of the guilt, of the pressure.

I call this the Resentment-Guilt Loop.  It feels pretty vicious, huh?

Watch more of this video to learn how to get out of it and for next steps.

To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko