Do you see yourself as compliant?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with following laws and rules.

However, I would like to challenge you to think inside of you.  What does that mean?

You see we all have intuition and instincts. The issue is sometimes we don’t trust our own
gut feelings and rely on others insights.

Somewhere along the line we were taught to listen, which is good, rather than think.

As a child do you remember being told these gems:
“Do as you’re told”,  speak when spoken to”, respect you’re elders” & “don’t you dare talk back to me”?

Unfortunately, I remember them all too well! While at one point in my life these messages served a
purpose, I think that time has come and gone.

Most parents use these forms of control to raise their children, but, what harm is coming from it?

Were you ever told the things you are NOT? Such as smart enough, good enough, a leader, etc…I have.

My intention is not to gain sympathy here.  To the contrary, I want to let you know you’re not alone!

I am not alone am I?
What things were you taught growing up? In a strange twist of fate I have developed an odd sense of
humor about criticism.  I’m my own biggest critic.

What habits or walls have you created to protect yourself?

Remember we all worthy of happiness, joy and love. You deserve it!
Want something more from life?

Would you like the freedom to be yourself?

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Have a blessed day!

Steve & Angie Monko
(Harmony Harbor Coaching)