Does your work week start with you counting the days until Friday?

Could you use a dose of extra confidence right now?
Would you benefit from letting go of guilt and stress by somehow making peace with what life is presenting to you right NOW?

What if you could feel safe to JUST BE YOU?

I know that you may be feeling disappointed and disgruntled about life. I’ve certainly been there myself plenty of times.  I am no different from You, and I really mean that…

I want to share my heart with you, my vulnerability. I’ve been wearing a mask, unbeknownst to me.  That’s correct.  I didn’t even realize it.  Now I’m ready to unveil the REAL ME.

I would be thrilled to have you join me on 10/14 from 6-8pm to do just that.

I won’t bullshit you.  I won’t manipulate you to buy from me.  I will just tell you
straight out what I Know with a Capital K.  Towards the end of my presentation,
I will make an offer for you to pursue further relationship with me through a
2-day workshop.

You will know if you are to take that course of action or not.  I prefer you do,
but it’s not required, and I welcome you with open arms and heart no matter
what happens.

It’s the Only LIVE in person event I’m doing for 2015.

I’m offering brand new perspectives that will inject you with The Truth Virus. Where this ripples off and impacts your life I have no idea.

Will you be part of my story?  I don’t know. Will you show up?  I don’t know. I DO care though, and I’d like for you to show up.

Heck, the title of the workshop is not even important.  Just be there if you are to be there.

P.S. I am going to incent you to come.  Bring 3 guests and YOU get a Free 90 minute private session ($347 value) with me.

P.S.S. What’s next…Register NOW

I honor the Divine in YOU.

Angie Monko