This is the first in a series of 9 articles and videos that you’ll receive every other week, in which I want to dive deeper with you about what it means to be a Worthy Self-Advocate (WSA).

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The structure you can expect:

1)    Definition of WSA (as a reminder).

2)    Name the attribute we’re working on for that week,
in this case, Disciplined, not Deprived.

3)    Example of the extreme of one side, Rigidly Disciplined.

4)    Example of the extreme of the other side, Deprived.

5)    Example of WSA actions, somewhere in between.

So what is a Worthy Self-Advocate (WSA)? This is my term for someone who remains loyal to them self. When life happens and things don’t go as planned, the WSA remains by their own side.

The WSA avoids extremes in thinking and gives them self the benefit of the doubt, not to justify selfish choices, but to remind them of their own precious worth.  They know they are enough.

This week let’s talk about the attribute of Disciplined, Not Deprived (the ideal practice of the WSA).

On one end of a continuum lies the extreme of Overly Disciplined. Do you see yourself in these examples?

·         I’m overly disciplined and rigid with my food/exercise/appearance to the point of feeling deprived and event trapped by life.

·        I have a tendency to over-plan and over-control, which is exhausting, especially when things don’t go my way.
Things have to look a certain way before I can relax or be gentle on myself. In business and in my life, there isn’t much joy or fun.

On the other end of the continuum lies the extreme of Little Discipline and Structure. Do you see yourself in these examples?

·         I enjoy structure but rarely create it for myself.

·         I avoid discipline because I have this inner resistant rebel who is afraid of feeling deprived or restricted.

·         So I overeat, excessively drink, don’t exercise, etc.

·         There is little structure to my business day and I lack productivity.

·         Because I lack focus, I wonder where my time goes.

·         I get distracted by others’ agendas because I have such a vague plan myself.

·         Goals make me very uncomfortable and almost panicked because I’m so worried about failing.

Somewhere in the middle of the extremes lies the WSA attribute of Disciplined, Not Deprived. This is the direction we want to take.

1) I implement self-imposed disciplined boundaries around food, drink, and overall health choices.
2) I’m not extreme about choices, which would leave me feeling deprived and restricted.  Life isn’t black or white.
3) I build structure into my business day and take action on self-imposed activities that actually help me move my business forward, such as talking to people, smart networking, speaking in public, doing videos, etc.
4) I create time on my calendar for working IN my business (with clients), ON my business when I do planning work, and time OFF. I honor it like I would for an appointment with another person.

So where do you fall in this continuum?  Just be gentle as you self-assess. You’re human. You’re not meant to do life perfectly.

It’s normal to vacillate between the extremes. The goal is to move towards the moderate zone, where peace, calm, joy, love and prosperity reside.

This exercise is meant to raise your self-awareness. As you know yourself more and more, you develop more self-compassion. You begin to observe your thoughts, get curious about them.

Pick an easier thought that gives you a bit of relief. After doing this exercise, instead of beating yourself for not being further along, you could ask yourself, “How can I step into my WSA shoes and have just the right combination of discipline and structure in my life without being too rigid or inflexible? What would that look for me?”

Just pose the question. Sleep on it. Keep asking until you get an answer, a different action taken.

If you feel like you’re ready to do something different with your life…that it’s time in your story to TRULY live a life of prosperity, then listen to that calling.

Reach out. Let’s explore if it makes sense for us to talk. My intention is to deeply connect with you, serve your highest good, and see if we’d be a good match to helping you create a life you love with no regrets.


Angie Monko

P.S.: Your Freedom begins when you rise up, speak up, and show up for yourself! Is this your time?