This is the second in a series of 9 articles and videos that you’ll receive every other week, in which I want to dive deeper with you about what it means to be a Worthy Self-Advocate (WSA).

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The structure you can expect:

1)    Definition of WSA (as a reminder).

2)    Name the attribute we’re working on for that week,
in this case, Enough, Not Overly Reliant.

3)    Examples of the extreme of one side, Not Enough.

4)    Examples of the extreme of the other side, Overly Reliant.

5)    Example of WSA actions, somewhere in between.

So what is a Worthy Self-Advocate (WSA)?

This is my term for someone who remains loyal to them self. When life happens and things don’t go as

planned, the WSA remains by their own side.

The WSA avoids extremes in thinking and gives them self the benefit of the doubt, not to justify selfish choices, but to remind them of their own precious worth.  They know they are enough.

This week let’s talk about the attribute of Enough, Not Overly Reliant (the ideal practice of the WSA).

On one end of a continuum lies the extreme of feeling Not Enough. Do you see yourself in these


1)  I fear that I’ll run out of money, even if I have plenty in the bank, and so I try hard to prove
my worth.
2) There is never enough time for me to relax and get everything done and so I push harder to
make things happen.
3) I lack confidence in my services and don’t charge enough or I won’t ask for more money in my job.
4)  I over-give, and I doubt that what I offer is unique. I can never give enough to feel like I’m doing enough for my clients and/or employer.

On the other end of the continuum lies the extreme of Overly Reliant. Do you see yourself in these examples?

1) I’m overly reliant on others to provide my needs, which leaves me feeling inadequate & not resourceful.
2) I see my clients and/or job as my source of income, and I feel leveraged by and overly reliant on them.
3) I don’t trust myself to create income and so I do very little and judge myself as lazy.
4) Why bother? I can’t do it perfectly and I’ll fail anyway.

Both ends of the continuum leave us feeling insecure. Somewhere in the middle of the extremes lies the WSA attribute of Enough, Not Overly Reliant. This is the direction we want to take.

1) I feel safe that all of my needs will be provided for and that I won’t run out of money.

2) I’m an active, responsible participant in the providing of my needs.

3) I charge adequately for my services and/or I ask for more money from my employer when called for.

4) I love to give, and I’m happy to receive (just like when I inhale, I must exhale).

5) I stick to boundaries around the time I give to clients (stick to appointment times).

6) My friendships aren’t lopsided, where I’m always the one to give.  They are reciprocal, and I receive their

    love back.

7) My source of income is not my job or clients, but the Universe/God/Source of All That Is.

Do you want to confidently and passionately live life on your terms without feeling guilty and selfish? Have the most fun and meaningful experience of life and inspire others to do the same?

By becoming loyal to YOU, despite what others do or say, you get to live life inspired by your own inner wisdom, not temporarily motivated by fleeting desires for more stuff and others’ approval of you.

If that sounds good to you, let’s talk.


Angie Monko

P.S.: Your Freedom begins when you rise up, speak up, and show up for yourself!  Is this your time?