First, let me express how darned grateful I am for you! Thank
you for continuing to read my Loving Self-Advocate blog and
sharing this sacred journey of life with me. I value you.

Are you holding onto grudges and resentments?

Most Women Aren’t OK With Anger

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. You
may be spending time with your family and friends.
And if a resentment is going to pop up, you’re in
the right place to find such an opportunity!

If there is an emotion that women don’t want to
admit they feel or even have the capacity to feel, it
would be anger.

Well, I’ll admit it. I’ve been feeling angry this week…maybe
because I’ve spent years feeling suppressed as a people
pleaser. And shouldn’t today of all days I be practicing gratitude?

I’m Grateful to Accept ALL of My Emotions

I DO love to practice gratitude—been keeping a gratitude journal
for over 20 years. For today, my lesson in gratitude is that I can
accept my feelings, even the undesirables like anger, deep sadness,
jealousy, even rage. It’s all part of the human experience.

I resent that my daughter, Maddie, is not here to celebrate this holiday
with our family. I hold grudges towards some people who just
couldn’t muster up the courage to be there (in the way I thought
they should) after losing Maddie.

I feel angry because people can be can be so selfish, self-
absorbed, self-righteous, pretentious, and simply mean, present
company included—ME :))

Please don’t think that I’m using this platform to rant at you.
I always try to tie my message back to how it can help you,
WHILE being authentic.

People Pleasing & Anger Go Hand in Hand

When we live our life people-pleasing those around us
(and YES, we are totally justified in this behavior because it
was a way we learned to survive in our family and society),
it’s very normal to allow anger and resentment to build up
around our hearts, sort of like plaque build up on teeth.

The question becomes: Do we want to continue to blame,
shame or guilt ourselves or anyone else anymore? Do we
want to feel this way?

Life is hard at times. It’s a real struggle. Many of us are shut
down to our emotions—we’ve numbed out because anger
doesn’t feel safe. Numbness is the lesser of two evils.

Numbness Equates to a Dull Life

However, numbness equates to a dull life. I invite you to
be open to experiencing the full range of emotions without
harsh self-judgment. Anger is preferable to numbness—really.

Once we can reach the anger, below that is often hurt, and
once we can uncover why we feel hurt, we can begin to nurture
ourselves with kindness.

As far as my anger, it passes and often quickly when I don’t
resist it or think I’m a bad person for feeling it. For example,
I began to write this post yesterday, and today as I finish
it, I no longer feel angry but much more sincere gratitude.

Use Tapping to Keep Your River of Energy Flowing

I want to leave you with the following technique on how to feel what
you’re feeling and calm down your nervous system using emotional
freedom technique or meridian tapping.

Our energy meridians are like rivers of energy that start at certain
points on our body and run down to certain parts, like down our
arms and legs. Just like a river that we want to flow freely without
obstructions, we want our energy to do the same.

When things happen in life and we get upset, our “river” gets
disrupted and blocked—think of a massive tree falling down across
a river bed, preventing the smooth passage of water and boats, etc.

So when we tap at the beginning of our river energy points (the
meridians), we clear those blockages and we begin to FEEL.

I can’t say you will feel better immediately, because if you’ve been
numbing out, anger may feel disorienting and foreign. But keep
at it. Teach yourself it’s safe to feel.

Do This Super Quick Exercise to Feel Relief

You can do the whole sequence below, or just pick the parts that feel
more applicable to you right now. I took this from Nick Polizzi’s recent
Energy Healing Series.

Use your fingertips and tap on the places indicated and speak the
affirmation which aligns with the meridian. You don’t have to
understand every little nuance. Trust yourself to do what you need to
do for you right now. Leave perfectionism behind.

1)      Crown: Tap top of head and say, “I open myself to higher inspiration.”

2)      Inside of Eyebrows (bladder meridian): “I am hopeful, vital and fully alive!”

3)      Side of Eye (gall bladder): “I assert myself peacefully, releasing all anger and resentment.”

4)      Under Eye (stomach meridian & worry): “I trust in the process of life!”

5)      Nose (end of governing meridian): “I am grounded in gratitude!”

6)      Chin (central meridian): “I am centered in spirit!”

7)      Collarbone (K-27 kidney meridian & fear):  “I move forward with courage!”

8)      Middle of chest (thymus): “My immune system is healthy and strong!”

9)      Under Breast (Spleen meridian): “I nourish myself with kindness!” This helps us metabolize food,
thoughts, ideas and life.

10)   Wrist to Wrist (heart meridian): “I take good care of my heart!”

11)   Outside wrist near pinky to outside of wrist (heart):  “I love myself completely and deeply!”

12)   Inside wrist near thumb to inside of wrist—one palm facing body and one facing away from body
(lung meridian):
“I let go of stale chi. I breathe in pure, clean chi.”

13)   Karate chop (fleshy side of palm): “I know what I want. I am decisive.”

14) Flare of nose—on either side of nose, near bottom of nostril (large intestines meridian): “I let go of
anger, fear, guilt and shame!”

Begin to make tapping part of your daily practice, and you’ll
feel more gratitude for ALL of life. The hardest part is getting
started and letting go of the need to be right about what you
are feeling and what’s happened in your life.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Angie Monko