Dear Fellow Seekers,

I don’t think I realized how much I play this game.  I’m excited to have this awareness so that now I can begin to change it!  I have these high standards of what I expect out of myself and my life.  I guess there is nothing wrong with expecting my life to be filled with physical beauty and excellence.  As a matter of fact, I’d say that is a very good thing.

The unhealthy aspect of this scenario for me is when my world doesn’t look the way I want it to and I lose my peace.  In other words, I can strive to be perfect, as long as I’m having fun along the journey and not getting so caught up in the end result, not thinking that my life will be grand when I achieve the perfect state of being.  This is sick thinking.  So when I begin to feel like I don’t have enough time or money to do what I want with my life, I allow myself to feel trapped, stuck in a prison of limited choices,  self-pity, self-seeking, resentment and fear.

When I get into this victimy, whiny state of consciousness, I get angry and defensive with those closest to me, and I become unavailable to help others.  When in this space and my husband or kids do or say something that doesn’t sit well with me, I lash out at them.  Indirectly, I’m blaming them and my circustances for my feelings.  After I do this, I immediately feel shame because I actually observe myself doing it.  Now that I’m aware of my defects, it’s difficult to practice them without feeling shameful.  Why do I practice the blame/shame game?

I don’t think it really matters, but if I had to explain it, I’d say it’s because I’m practicing my victim habits, learned behavior from my life time of experience.  It is easier to blame after all than to accept that I and no one else is responsible for my feelings.    What am I going to do about this pattern?  Well, because I truly want to live an empowered life and practice the principles of love, joy, peace and prosperity, I am going to use my power of conscious will to change my thoughts so that I can dismantle the belief that I’m helpless, powerless.  This belief is holding me hostage in certain areas of my life.  Whoever is reading this, I am
making this commitment and will follow up with my progress from time to time.  When I see myself blaming someone or something, I will immediately replace the thinking with, “I have a decision to make.  Either I can keep blaming and shaming right now, OR I can forgive and love myself WITH my defect.

I have decided to forgive/love myself and so I surrender this need to blame and shame and I choose love!”   I will write this message on 3X5 cards and have them readily available at all times as a visual trigger.  Wish me luck!  Oh yah.  We make our own luck!

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Have a blessed day!

Angie Monko