Are you being a Loving Self-Advocate (LSA), someone who
gives herself the benefit of the doubt when life throws a
curve ball?

A Loving Self-Advocate will remain with herself even when
others leave her. She will be gentle and kind, even when a
another cruel voice inside tells her she’s not enough.

We often make our Little One who grew up feeling insecure
and unlovable wrong. But just like any young child we know,
we’d wouldn’t ignore or yell at them just because they are hurting.

We’d bring them in for a hug and comfort them. This is what we’d
do if we weren’t stressed out anyway. Doesn’t our Little One
deserve the same honoring? Yes, she does.

Please listen to my wonderful interview with Rebecca Now, in
which we discuss how we can give ourselves permission to
love ourselves first, how empaths can navigate this contentious
time of masking vs non-masking and the general fear of the

Rebecca asked what one piece of advice I have for how to
be a Loving Self-Advocate. It is to Unpack Shame. In the interview
I share some stories and 3 ways we react when triggered by shame
and what we can do instead as a LSA.

What is the difference between feeling Loved and Lovable? It’s
all in the podcast.

Listen Here.

Much Love,

Angie & Morgan

PS: Register for Should I Stay or Should I Go workshop
on 9/16/20 and give yourself permission to love YOU first.
Release the guilt and move forward in your life.