It’s not what happens TO you that determine your joy and happiness. It’s how you respond.
This has become a cliché because you hear it so much. However, there is much wisdom
to be gleaned from this idea, which is extremely difficult to implement. Simple, not easy, right?

Another way to state this idea is that YOU get to decide on the meaning and interpretation of
anything that happens TO you. Wouldn’t life be grand if you could put on a Friendly Filter?
What if you could simply smile and breathe and relax and forgive yourself (and not take
it personally “

Oh they must be mad at me—I’ve done something wrong.”) when the following happens, instead
of beating yourself up:

1)      When you don’t get enough done in a day.
2)      When someone doesn’t respond to your calls or emails.
3)      When a client cancels on you.
4)      When you lose money on a deal.
5)      When you make a “bad” decision (even the ones you made years ago but still continue to re-live it in your mind daily).

Are you wrapped up in being spiritual, so that it’s not okay to be angry or experience any
negative emotion?  If so, I say get rid of spirituality!  Yes, you heard me right. Here is my
definition of spirituality:  Being Real.  Yes, you get to be authentically crabby, disgruntled,
angry, resentful, joyful, playful, curious, suspicious, paranoid, fearful, peaceful, jealous,
compassionate, humble, wise, loving, hateful, vengeful, depressed, and any other emotion
you can name. After all, this is who we truly are.

Do people lie, cheat, steal?  Yep, every day.  Do they love, give, serve in tremendous ways?
Yes, every day. This is who we truly are.  When you can begin to accept all of your “good” and
“bad” habits and traits, all of you with your scars, history, warts, blemishes, wrinkles, supposed

imperfections, you’re on to something that is REAL! Say.  Why don’t you join me on the
Self-Acceptance wagon today?  Just for today. You don’t have to figure your life out beyond today.

You can do one thing at a time today.  Listen for what the next step is. Then do it.  Be REAL.
Be authentically i mperfect. I know I am.

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