I taught a very powerful workshop over the weekend, which I believe significantly transformed
the lives of the attendees. Do you ever feel like it’s not safe to “own” your assets and gifts because people might think you’re being arrogant?

You might be judged as self-centered and that you think you’re better than everyone.  But what
if you’re just good at what you do?
I think a key distinction here is this:
1) If you are coming from a place of appreciation of your God-given gifts and talents and aren’t shy
about sharing them with the world, that is healthy pride. It comes from Love.
2) If, on the other hand, you are coming from a place of fear and immaturity, needing attention, your comments might be viewed as insecure and needy. So much depends upon our intentions and the
FEELINGS behind our actions and words, not so much upon the deeds themselves.

You have a right to be heard, seen and valued. We all do.  If you’re not taking a risk and demonstrating
the talents and gifts that come naturally to you, if you’re not doing what you love to do, why?
Maybe you’re not playing a big enough game. It’s feels safer to hide behind the excuse of security.
We all want to feel safe and secure, but sometimes the cost of safety, the guaranteed paycheck, the
corporate crutch, is HUGE.

We are so worried about running out of money that we sell ourselves out and settle for a boring life that
doesn’t challenge our creativity or resourcefulness. Sufficiency is a state of mind that has very little
to do with having enough money.  It has everything to do with FEELING we are enough, loving wholly,
being true to our values, speaking up, sharing our gifts and talents with the world.

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To your life,


Below is a testimonial from the weekend workshop.

Darling Angie,

There are few words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude for the service your Whole Soul Transformation provided me this weekend. It is going to take me some time to get into my new routine and I am going to take my time so I do not overwhelm myself with too much change too fast.

The group setting was perfect to gain perspective and learn from the other members.
Seeing THEIR transformation in just two days was remarkable and helped me tremendously.

I do not know what else to type, (because I do not have the words) but thank you. Thank you for blessing me with love and forgiveness.

Also, and this is the most important thing I saw this weekend, is that deep in my soul, I know with all my heart that you saved a young woman’s life and the life of her child.

Your gift is so precious. Your courage to share your own life lessons to help others grow is exemplary. You not only help us get our life back, you are SAVING lives.

Thank God for you. I love you.
Alana T