So what is my Big Agenda?

One of my business coaches, Virginia Muzquiz, asked me this the other day.  So I got to thinking about really excites me and brings out my passion.  It’s empowering women and leading a mission of Big Influencers to change the western world! My mission is to help women to realize that no matter their
circumstances, they always have choices.  I want to teach them to live from a Choices mentality rather than a trapped or cornered or stuck mentality, what I call a Victim mindset.

To define this mission even more, I would like to put it out to the Universe that I am looking to create a community of Western women who are Big Influencers and who can influence the women in their community, the women who need to know they have choices. These women are world travelers, bringing peace and prosperity wherever they venture.  Of course, this peace starts inside of them.  They are highly conscious women and take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions.

These Big Influencers have natural leadership ability.  They want to change the world by creating a new and intelligent educational system that works with one’s God-given talents, rather than tearing down one’s self-esteem through standardized testing because they don’t excel in math, science or language. These Big Influencers want to change the political structure by creating a system whereby people can trust what
their leaders are saying and can make intelligent, informed decisions based off of that information. These Big Influencers want to change health care so that people are given a variety of choices, and both traditional medicine and alternative therapies work together in harmony, rather than in competition and distrust.

These women envision a world of cooperation and collaboration in health care, in which we use our knowledge of the mind-body connection to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms of health, thus using prevention as the main means of reducing health care costs and creating WHOLE health. They want to change the world of economics, creating an economy in which businesses run in harmony and collaboration with an abundance mindset, rather than a lack and competition mindset,
which further divides companies and the people who represent them.

Businesses will thrive because they treat their employees and customers with the utmost dignity and respect and listen to their needs. The Dalai Lama said, “The World Will Be Saved by The Western Woman.” I want to make this quote a reality. Through our intelligence, intuition, loving and giving heart, our ability to connect with others and build rapport, our ability to lead and to make empowered choices, we shall
change the world. Annie Burnside wrote an article about the Dalai Lama’s quote on 7/25/12, and she says, “The Western Woman’s influence will ultimately be a treasure unto all of humanity as they seek to include compassion, intuition, truth and love through heart to heart, soul to soul connections that know no bounds.”

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God Bless,

Angie Monko