I just learned that ho”oponopono goes deeper than I understood from the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.  It”s really about disconnection FIRST and then the connectedness of all human beings. The gist of what I”ve been doing is this.  Every day I say a prayer with someone in mind.  For example, “Whatever part
of me created the suffering I see in Maddie, I love you, I”m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” This prayer is to myself, not Maddie.

I AM the perceiver of suffering, and suffering is relative.  My suffering might feel like nothing to you, and vice verse, I might be able to breeze through something that brings you to your knees. So I”m sending love, forgiveness, gratitude and humility to the part of me that perceives suffering.  In so doing, by healing myself, and finding peace and taking personal responsibility, apparently miraculously, my life shifts and others even change for the better, or at the very least, their behavior no longer triggers me.

It goes deeper than this, however, as I learned from Joe Craig, friend and hypnotist, who studied healing in Hawaii. I imagine Maddie, for example, on a stage, her standing in front of me, looking me in the eyes.  I ask her, “Do you support my spiritual growth and my connectedness to my Higher Self?”  I get a yes or a no. If it”s a wishy-washy yes, it””s really a no. If no, I send (in my mind) loving healing light to her, and I cut the invisible, ethereal chord of energy that connects us to those we love, in a sense, lovingly releasing her from me.

I then say, “I forgive you.  Do you forgive me?”  If she says NO, I continue to send love to her and release her. It is up to me whether I want to re-connect a healthy, supportive chord to her.  If she”d said yes to the above questions, great.  I feel a sense of relief. This process offers us true forgiveness of ourselves and others, allowing us to move from the needy state of connection to the faithful state of love. Not many people are willing to do this type of work on themselves, claiming 100% responsibility for their life”s status quo.

If you are, then congratulations!  Please consider yourself a member of the prestigious 1% Club, the 1% of the population that will. Be gentle with yourself along the way of the work.  Remember you are loved, loving and lovable, no matter what you or anyone else says!

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God Bless,

Angie Monko