Making a decision is the toughest job you have to do.  I spoke about this last time. You will try every trick in the trade to avoid making a decision that requires you to change the status quo.  I know from personal experience. Have you decided if you want to be healthy?  Have you decided if you want to have loving, harmonious relationships?  Have you decided if you want to have wealth and a fulfilling career?

If you aren’t on your way to achieving those things, then you have opted for something else. Oh my gosh the ego is SO conniving and deceptive!  It will absolutely convince you that you need to have the sugar, the wine, the drama in your relationships which shows up as complaining, criticizing and gossiping, and the need to be right, the struggle with money, the hectic schedule, and so on. It will convince you that 1 +1 =2,
and so if something seems logical, you better believe it.

Follow me on this.  I have an accounting degree and so I understand the logical flow of revenue and expenses, the bottom line.  I was taught how debits = credits, how to budget, how to determine a profit or loss, etc.  Money comes from a certain source which can be predicted, right? What I understand today is that sometimes our “knowledge” can leave us ignorant.  For many years, I struggled with feeling there
isn’t enough money.  My knowledge of finance and accounting led me down a path of closed mindedness when it came to money.

Sometimes knowing too much is a detriment, because we close our mind off to other solutions. So yes, I know 1 + 1 =2 in the mathematical world, but if I’m always so worried about where my money is coming from and having everything add up, I’m focusing on the wrong thing.  I’m focusing on lack rather than abundance. It’s obvious how certain choices serve us in life.  Food gratifies us in the moment.  When we complain it gratifies us because we are getting people on our side and to feel sorry for us, and I’m sorry,
but this IS satisfying, especially to the ego, whether you want to admit it or not.

But you may wonder, “How does feeling like there isn’t enough money gratify me in the moment?”  The answer is less obvious, but it’s there.  The answer is that if you think in terms of lack which leads you to have emotional fears around money, you won’t take action to create more money and you won’t think of ideas or options or possibilities. How does this serve you? It keeps YOU SAFE!  It keeps you stuck in the comfort zone of mediocrity.  Your EGO’s biggest function and job is to keep you SAFE.  Well, what if you decided that you’d rather have lavish abundance rather than play it safe?

That’s a huge decision!

I have a new method of helping people get clear on what they want and then how to make a decision, and this works!  It comes clear from my heart and my own experience.  Isn’t it time to stop messing around with your precious life and just move forward?  It doesn’t matter whether your goal is weight release, a wonderful relationship, or extreme wealth. I can help you get there, BUT you must decide first.

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Angie Monko