What are your values?

I really thought about this the other day.  I WANT my values to be FAITH/BELIEF, Personal Responsibility, and the Mindset of Overcoming from Victim to Victor. However, what I realized is that I had been living by the Values of Hard Work and Ambition.  This meant that I felt like I was flawed when I didn’t accomplish
enough or meet my goals quickly enough.

The only way I know how to live by the Values I want to live by is to slow down.  The only way I’m going to become the person I want to BE personally and professionally is to truly live by the Values of Faith and Personal Responsibility. This means I must learn the skill of surrendering. To surrender, I take some actions
daily.  I pray and ask God to help me see myself and others the way God sees me and others.

I pray for more faith and the willingness and ability to follow this Higher Good for myself.  I meditate for an hour, and I LOVE it!  I’m not suggesting that you have to do this, but start with something, maybe 1 minute (which is what I did) and then build your way up.  I now do Holosync daily, and it’s changing me from
the inside out. The other skill I must learn is to take responsibility for everything I can control.  I used to think it was sufficient to take responsibility for things in my physical environment, but that isn’t enough.

I also have to take responsibility for my emotions and thoughts.  This can be tough because it feels like there is no place to hide. The only way is through with our emotions and thoughts.  We can’t hide them, repress them, avoid them, go around them.  Meet them head on, and you’ll find freedom. I’m wishing you a
Happy Spring.  Go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

My husband, Steve, and I are about to leave for Hollister, MO to Paradise Point for our spring getaway, time to re-connect, refresh and renew our relationship.

Is it selfish?  Some say it is.  I say it’s absolutely necessary for the happy longevity of our marriage.

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