Dear Friends,

Are you willing to change?  If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced shear frustration when it comes to releasing weight and food issues.  The cravings and food urges are enough to drive you batty.  On top of that, you have ingrained underlying beliefs about your body, your ability to release weight, fear of never getting over the food/weight problem, etc. Sometimes your situation may seem hopeless.  And to make matters more complex, you have emotional reasons for wanting to eat and/or punish yourself with degrading internal talk.

It’s no wonder that you may not want to give up your reliance on food. It’s also not surprising that it may be very difficult to stop thinking of yourself and your body in belittling ways.  You’ve had years of programming these negative beliefs into your heart and mind. So how do you become willing to change?  Well, the first step is to determine how your current situation is serving you.  If you overeat or eat compulsively, how is this serving you?

Even though this may seem like an odd question, it’s not.  Does the extra weight protect you somehow and make you feel safe?  If so, safe from what? Or does being overweight provide an excuse for you to limit the success you’re truly capable of?  Maybe the extra weight keeps the opposite sex at bay.  Maybe your condition gives you something else, such as attention from a spouse or loved one (it doesn’t have to be positive attention either), especially if you are often sick.

These ideas are intended to jog your memory and get you thinking about why you subconsciously do NOT want to reach your goal and why you want to remain in your current situation.   Of course, I recommend that once you determine your blocks you immediately begin tapping on the core issues.   You might actually begin to see some results!

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Angie Monko,

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