Why is it that some days you feel like crawling into a cocoon and hiding?

Right now it’s raining outside, and I’m sitting on my back porch, inhaling the fresh scent of rain.  It’s refreshing and cleansing. Life feels difficult on some days, huh?  It has felt heavy for me lately.  I have had the desire to be alone with myself, to reconnect with my Higher Self.  So I’ve been listening and taking it slower, even if this means saying NO to others’ invitations. As long as I’m not saying no with the intention of hurting others or myself then I see it as solid guidance.

A mentor told me the other day that I need to guard or protect my time and not feel guilty about it.  Do you struggle with trying to fit everything into your life and feel like you are doing enough?  I know I do.  I wish I could tell you I have this figured out, but I don’t just yet. The good news is one of my strengths is perseverance.

I don’t give up.  I will continue to seek solutions by asking the right questions, “How can I strike a healthy balance of self-love and self-care and care and serve others at the same time?”  I could follow my desires.  They give me an indication of which direction to go. Can my desires be trusted though? What if they lead me in a direction that  hurts me?  For example, what if I desire to drink wine and eat sugary foods excessively, or have an affair, or talk cruelly to my kids?

So it doesn’t make sense to follow my desires 100% of the time, does it? Perhaps not.  Does it make sense to observe my desires and ask, “What is my desire trying to teach me about myself?”  I think so. So let’s say I have a desire to eat chocolate chip cookies and milk every evening.  As long as I’m really enjoying them and I don’t have diabetes and it’s not hurting me, then all is well.  However, let’s say I feel compelled to reward myself with the cookies and feel out of control about my choice.

I feel guilty and weak-minded after partaking in the dessert. What message is this desire sending me?  Maybe it’s telling me that I need more connection in my relationships, more love and sweetness and kindness, and that I don’t need that from dessert.  Or maybe it’s teaching me that food isn’t bad; it’s my
thinking and how I assign meaning to the food that causes the guilt and needs to be adjusted. So what are your desires trying to teach you, especially your apparently “unhealthy” ones?  Ask the part of you what you’re meant to learn.

Maybe you’re supposed to be more grateful and live in the moment. Get quiet and listen.  You will know.  And once you do, ask the next question, “What is the next right step I should take to line up with this teaching?”  In the food example, perhaps the next right step is to have a loving conversation with someone you care about. Your desires aren’t bad.  They just are.  And they are trying to teach you something, give you a red flag, a wake up call.  You just have to be willing to listen….

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To Your Peace,

Angie Monko