March 4 was my company”s 5 year anniversary.  March 4, 2008 was the day I launched my first Self Growth ad and got my first paying client.  It was a big day for me! I have learned so much about myself in the last five years by helping others.  Whatever we teach is what we need to learn most. I am learning how to have more family harmony.  I am learning to love, accept and forgive myself.  I am learning to treat myself well so I do not burn out.  I am learning to trust my body, mind and soul””s innate ability to heal itself.

It seemed appropriate that on the day I commemorated my company”s 5 year anniversary I had a break through of sorts.  It felt like a baptism and a merging of all of my different energies. I went to Kathleen Christ for a cranial sacral/hypnosis session, which we did in the water.  Kathleen started with a little ritual in which we “emptied” my body, mind and heart of past hurts and even my attachments to dreams and such, thus creating space to do the work at hand.

Next she called my female energy forward to see how this part of me had served me in my life, what gifts she had for me, and asked if I needed any additional support from my female energy.  After this communication, my female energy was invited to stay and observe. Next, my male energy was called forth, and we did the same process, assessing the gifts it had brought to me and determining if I needed more male energy support. Then I had an opportunity to introduce my female (yin) and male (yang) energies within me and merge them.

I learned I was out of balance.  I have a lot more male energy (produce, get results, persevere, focus, be determined), and I did not need more of that. My yin energy felt overpowered by my yang energy, and so now I””m allowing the two to communicate. I””m inviting more femininity into my life, including more patience, nurturing, dance, song, beauty, love, play and overall joy and creativity. We called upon my angels next and finally upon Christ consciousness. It was a surrendering to my Higher Power.

It was very powerful.  I felt somehow “resolved” within myself afterwards.  It”s hard to explain without experiencing it. It felt like a rebirth of me, a cleansing, a baptism, especially since I was in  95 degree the whole time.  Why in the water?  Change happens more rapidly.  To learn more, you can checkout Kathleen””s website at  She owns the St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center.  I highly recommend her!

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God Bless,

Angie Monko