It’s that time of year when people are really into goal-setting, which is great and all, but there is a down-side to goal-setting. It’s been proven that the instant we set a goal our body goes into instantaneous stress.

Goals create tension within us that can actually clog our ability to receive what we desire. Goals create tension within us because they bring to our awareness all of the reasons we can’t have what we
want.  If we have nowhere to go with all of that negative emotion and tension, then we will most likely stop all action and self sabotage our goals.

Why do 95% or more of the success programs out there fail?
Most success programs have us do three things:
1) Get clear on what we want.

2)  Identify obstacles to our desires.

3)  Come up with an action plan to fulfill our desires.
The reason so many fail is that they don’t help us change our thinking (our belief systems B.S.)  that CAUSE us to fail.  We keep trying to make things happen through sheer willpower, or white-knuckling it, and eventually we burn out and give up the goals. Then we feel worse about giving up, which creates a new
limiting (or reinforced) limiting belief that we are weak or defective somehow.

We feel defeated and helpless, what is called learned helplessness.  It’s a vicious cycle. So what is the solution?  Well, the ONLY way to create lasting change is to align what we want consciously with what we’re being told by the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is by far the most powerful part of our mind, and it dictates 90% of how we show up in life.  So it makes sense to align our conscious desires
with our subconscious belief systems.

One can do this by employing techniques that work with the subconscious, such as hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (also known as meridian tapping), and the Healing Codes.  Those techniques actually
begin to rewire the neural pathways in the brain and create new ways of thinking that FEEL good and congruent with the conscious desires.

The way we will know that our conscious is congruent with our subconscious is that we will feel good.   We will allow our well-being, and then the goals begin to show up in our experience. So which comes first, feeling good or the goals?  FEELING GOOD must come first, which is ironic, huh?  We must change our vibrational state of mind to one of gratitude and acceptance of what is in order to attract our goals. Here’s the kicker.

We won’t want to do the necessary work to change our mind if our desire is not very strong.
Further, we will want to muster up a healthy dose of FAITH to feel the gratitude now.

After all, why should we be grateful for having no money, being fat, or having a mean-spirited
spouse, for example?

Because you have two choices in the present moment.
Choice A:  resent what is, create stress in the body and get more of what we don’t want
(no money, overweight, unhappy relationships).
Choice B:  be grateful for what is, accept it, relax and open ourselves up to receiving what
we desire, but this time without attachment. I know it’s not easy, but it IS possible.

Will you take the gratitude challenge?  Be grateful NOW no matter your outside circumstances.
After all, the Internal is always the parent of the External.  In other words, the Unseen (Faith)
is always the parent of the Seen (our physical experience).

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To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko