This morning I turned on the TV, about to do a workout, and I was drawn into a sports broadcast, where two men were discussing the attributes of two head football coaches (I didn’t catch their names but was more interested in the topic).

As a life coach, I was inspired by their approach to coaching their team to greatness.  One coach was not a fan of the media, and people outside of the ball club didn’t care for him much, but the players love him.  Why?

When he sits down with a player, he develops rapport with him. He absolutely believes in the player’s ability and has faith that he can do anything. The coach gives his players all that they need to be successful. He gives them a forum to just be themselves.

The other coach is a Christian man who “wears his faith on his sleeve,” per the broadcaster.  He helps his players to feel supported and loved.  Yes, the broadcaster said “loved.”

This discussion impressed me and helped me to realize why I’m an excellent coach.  And I don’t say that with an arrogant attitude.  God gives us all talents and abilities, and one of mine is to coach others to
their greatness because I see something in them that they don’t see in themselves.

I love people, have compassion for them, believe in them, until they do this for themselves.  LOVE is the answer to being a great coach.

I will not judge you for your past.  We all have one, and often it’s not too pretty, according to our own inner critical voice.

To be a life coach doesn’t mean I have it all figured out. I don’t.  It doesn’t mean that I sit on a pedestal and “advise” you.  You teach me. I teach you.  It’s a two way street.

Right now, I am simply using my gifts to help you and me surrender to what IS, accept life on life’s terms, be grateful no matter what, stop being a slave to our own thoughts and emotions.  Sigh….

Sounds so simple, but it is hard.  The spiritual path that I’m talking about is the most difficult thing to implement because it requires us to give up the trappings of the EGO, and they are MANY–image, safety, needy connection, drama.

If you would like to feel FREE and overcome the overwhelm of life permanently, join me this Wed from 3-5pm.  A different path is required.

You will receive some practical tips on what needs to happen next to get your JOY back!

In Service,

Angie Monko