Are you confident enough, financially and emotionally, to leave
a bad situation, whether that’s in your marriage or career?

Have you observed how closely your emotional security is
tied to your financial situation?

If you feel unsure about whether your marriage is going to
last, especially if you are dependent upon your spouse’s income
to live a certain lifestyle, that would be enough to keep you
feeling stuck.

Money or lack thereof is a key determinant in how free we feel
isn’t it?
I’ve heard many stories of people in jobs who stay because
they feel leveraged to earn a living. Remaining in a marriage for
money is similar.

Gaining knowledge around money and finances can lead to
you feeling confident which leads to feeling safe and secure,
which leads to empowering you to leave a bad situation if that
is what you really want.

Money is such a tricky subject. So many of our beliefs are
entangled in the topic.

Money and Self-Worth

Sometimes we equate our self-worth with how much money we
bring home. I always thought I was ashamed of my lack:

1) Not having enough time to do all I wanted to do, be with the people
I love and show them I love them.

2) Not having enough money to buy what I want or do all I want.

3) Not having enough love within myself to not feel rejected.

However, lately I have shifted. I began to embrace lack because
I realized, “Having is evidence of wanting.” On some subconscious level, I WANTED
to experience lack of time, money and love. I really got this and made peace
with it.

As a result, I was able to go deeper and realize my deeper shame
was around having an abundance of money.
Why? Because:

1) Having a lot of money would surely require me to get out of balance
and spend less time with people I love.

2) Having an abundance of money would make me shallow and greedy.

3) Being rich would mean I don’t care about people.

These beliefs were unexamined even though I’ve taken many workshops
on abundance, even one all around money beliefs.

I had to embrace lack first to realize IT wasn’t my problem. Prior, my EGO
told me, “You don’t believe that money is a problem or makes you
greedy, shallow, uncaring, or imbalanced.” I truly didn’t think this was
a block for me.

Our Ego prevents us from seeing our deeper Truth

Our EGO is like that and will try to keep us from deeper, more vulnerable
truths because it doesn’t want us to change. It sort of reminds me when
I ask people questions about what they really feel, and they tell me, “I’m
not afraid to change,” “I don’t feel insecure about that,” ”I feel worthy, “
and on and on.

Consciously we truly aren’t aware that our Subconscious Mind
has different plans for us, but when we really get “Having is
evidence of wanting,” it helps us see things in a different light.

If it’s the case that you feel financially insecure to leave your situation
right now, it’s important that you learn your true money blocks.

Examine your relationship with money

Examine your relationship with money. Do you ever feel betrayed
by life or people? Like they never stick around? It’s amazing how core
beliefs like this one show up in our relationship with money too.

We may make a lot of money, but it seems to burn a hole in our
pocket. We spend it as soon as it comes in the door. Do we really
feel deserving of security, emotional and financial?

What we may begin to see is that we don’t. We don’t feel worthy
of things flowing to us with ease. They always come with a price
tag attached.

I’m no longer a financial expert though I did finance & accounting
and operations for 20 years and practiced as a CPA for 7.

However, what I am an expert at are matters of the heart, and how
you feel about money has a deep impact on your confidence and
security as a human being.

And when you lack this security, you will decide to stay in a situation
far longer than you really want to.

Learn how to do Emotional Freedom Technique to rewire your
thoughts and feelings around money. I want you to feel free to
live the life you truly desire. You deserve that.

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