There is a lot of intense energy in the air these days,
isn’t there? This can feel like anxiety, fear, anger, even
rage…like things are about to erupt.

My husband, Steve, and I are staying at my mom’s
this week to watch her house and animals while she’s
on a mini-vacation with her sister.

While I enjoy coming out here, it feels like we pack
for an army because I have so much stuff to bring with
me: my yoga mat, Kangen water machine, Reliv
supplements, salt water, organic food, special plasma
energy water station, my morning self-care routine journals,
daily tea and cleanse ingredients, and on and on.

It feels like I need a fortress of energy hacks to maintain
my energy
so that I can help others to the extent I like to
and not explode from the shifting energies of the planet.

We aren’t living in a vacuum; we are part of ALL, and
there are some very intense feelings circulating the globe.

How do you manage this? How do you navigate relationships
when you’re feeling so unsettled yourself?
It gets tricky. I’m going
to share a brief story that happened this morning (Tuesday as I
write this) that may help you as it helped me.

Mars and JoJo (L to R)

Life Lesson from JoJo, the Rat Terrier, and My Hubbie

As I said, we’re sleeping over at my mom’s, and she has two
small/medium feisty dogs (blue healer mix and rat terrier mix)
who like to bark a lot, are spoiled and not used to many boundaries.

At 2:37am, JoJo, named after my late daughter, Maddie Jo,
began barking (she has a really LOUD, deep bark for a 50 pound
dog) and instantly wakes me up.

JoJo is wont to do this when she hears the slightest inkling of
a night disturbance and is aroused to chase a raccoon, possum,
or skunk as my mom lives in the Illinois countryside, surrounded
by 50 acres of woods.

And of course, my mom lets her out when she barks. My first
reaction is that I’m annoyed.
It bothers me that JoJo hasn’t learned
boundaries because mom hasn’t taught her any. That’s a topic
for another day though. 🙂

I resisted JoJo’s forceful energy to push me into letting her out.
I wanted to “teach her a lesson.” So I told Steve, “Let’s break her of
this bad habit. I’m not going to let her out.” I got up and whisper-
yelled, “NO, JoJo! Go back to the bedroom. You aren’t going out.”

I even got right in her face to make sure she was hearing me and
repeated myself, “Go back to the bedroom!” She’d also recruited
my dog, Mars, to go out with her. But Mars readily complied and
retreated when she did.

I got back into bed and told Steve she needs to learn not to
do this. He said, “I’m just sending her calm energy. Shhhh….JoJo…
Relax…..Shhhh….Angie….Relax….” And I giggled.

I immediately felt the wisdom in his approach. Of course…he
was right. His wasn’t resisting anything or trying to aggressively
control her.
And because I understand energy and how it works
by using intention, it made sense.

Our intention, the energy we put out, sets up a vibration or
frequency that extends and “touches” others, including people
and animals. Energy isn’t conveyed most potently through words,
but through feelings.

And feelings aren’t the same as emotions. Feelings are more
vulnerable and we tend to deny them
, repress them, stifle
them and not talk about them. Emotions explode out of
us as reactions
, usually when we are afraid and feeling out of
control or triggered by something in the environment.

So you know what happened with JoJo? She quieted down.
It was brilliant! Great job, Steve! And thank you for the deep
lesson I needed to learn. She barked again when I was ready
to get up.

How can you apply this to your every day life and the intensity
of the world situation?

Here are some ideas. What resonates with you?

  • Express your true feelings and get them off of your chest
    and out of your energy body, by surrounding yourself with
    a group of people you trust
    . Journaling is great for this too.

  • Ask for the willingness in your character/personality to let go
    and not resist what is happening.

  • Realize the big influence you have when you get upset, that
    your energy affects you and everyone and everything around you.

  • Quickly, without delay, feel those intense feelings and they
    let go of YOU so you can go about your day and have the
    impact you desire.

  • Sincerely embrace ALL that is happening (even the “bad
    stuff”), realizing a part of you actually wants this experience
    on an unconscious level.

You will feel more connected to Life and more joyful when you
can truly appreciate all that is happening. Easier said than done.

It’s a lifelong journey. When anger and frustration rule us, it cuts
off our connection to people, to animals, to everyone.
Ironically, the
best way to handle this is to allow anger and frustration.

Though people aren’t talking about it, there is a LOT of pain to be
expressed. I offer the safe space for you to offload and heal.

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I’d love to see you there! I am here to support you like you’ve
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