Dear Friends,

I’ve been working with Phyllis Russo, a chiropractor here in St. Louis, on some neuro-emotional work, and she’s taught me so much about myself.  Perhaps the most important skill she encouraged me to develop is to breathe deeply into the constant stresses of life.  It is so easy for me to forget this!  Some times the most
obvious solutions are right in front of our face, and we completely miss them.

I think that these solutions hide from us because our ego is afraid of being annihilated. Our ego wants us to stay as we are, addicted to our suffering.   This is not the first time that I’ve been told that our breath brings us back to the present moment.  God is as far away as our breath, I’ve also heard.  Phyllis took it a step further and said, “GOD IS our breath.”  The most important thing I can do is to REMEMBER to breathe when I find myself feeling anxious or overwhelmed or bored or sad or any negative emotion.  

Last night it took discipline for me to do this.  It was 15 minutes before I was supposed to join a conference call, and while I was showering, I realized I’d forgotten the call-in number at my office.  So as soon as I got out of the shower, I called the call facilitator for the number.  I got the answering machine.  Then panic began to set in, and over the
next minute the following thoughts coursed through my mind:  “How could I have been so careless as to have forgotten the number? I’m already going to miss next week, and so I’m going to miss this week too.  They will think I’m irresponsible.  I don’t have time to listen to the call later on. 

I don’t have time to get my big to-do list done, let alone add this too.  Maybe I should drive in to my office to get the number.” Then my observer Self reminded me, “Breathe into this feeling and go do the next right thing.”  So I took a couple deep breaths and did just that.  Within another minute, the phone rang with the woman giving me the number. This little panic experience gave me an opportunity to practice breathing.  So we breathe into the experience and the feeling eases.  I visualize sending love and light to the area of
my body that is experiencing fear, such as my stomach.  

I can consciously choose to breathe when I am in the midst of fear.  Although I don’t claim to enjoy fear, I can view it as my sign to breathe and go inward.   One day I believe that I will be able to jump to the breathing even faster, and maybe I won’t be so freaked out by fear or negative emotions.  I’ll just calmly observe them.  

Stay tuned…. 

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Angie Monko, 

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