Dear Friends,

I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and today is the first day of Fall. The leaves are starting to change. I just love this time of year!  St. Louis is wonderful for the changing seasons.  Plus, today is my 42nd birthday (9/23) as I write this.  We are heading to my Mom’s house to celebrate for the weekend in just a few minutes.  My house is a little frantic right now as my family members are scrambling to finish up last minute chores.  See below for a funny picture of me two years ago when I celebrated my 40th! As the season changes, I am reflecting on how we as people continually change.

|The journey of growth never ends.  It’s like the leaves changing colors and then dying. We have beliefs that die and slough off so that new ones can take over, hopefully more empowering ones.  Change is painful in the short run, but it so good for us. I encourage you to check out your beliefs and dominating thoughts.  If they are hurting you, then why not pick a more comforting thought? I’m not suggesting to transform from depressed to exceedingly joyful over night (that experience is reserved for only a few like Byron Katie).

I’m simply suggesting to pick a thought that feels a little better than your current one and inch your way up from each thought to a overall positive mindset. I have a friend who I highly respect, Maureen Wielansky.  You may have noticed that Maureen has been contributing the delicious recipes.  She’s got a huge heart and wants to help so many people break through the pain of being overweight and discover their authentic selves.

Maureen is going to be introducing an exciting class,
Secrets of Slim and Successful Women Entrepreneurs: How to Break Out of Food Jail So You Can Reveal Your Jaw-dropping Figure while Boosting Your Bottom Line.  It will begin on Monday September 26, 2011 7pm central (8pm eastern, 6pm mountain, 5pm Pacific).  Go here for more details Look for Maureen and I to be partnering up here in the near future and delivering a live workshop.

Make it a truly wonderful weekend!  I know I plan to.

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Angie Monko, CH