My friends, Lisa Rose, Paige Russell, Eric Shay and I share a common vision. We realize the extent of suffering on this planet. We choose to raise the collective consciousness and inspire peace and joy within others, starting with one individual at a time.

We choose to create a Center for Human Potential (CHP), although that is not the official name just yet. It’s a good start.

This blog is the next step in the evolution of the CHP. We are asking Divinity to bring us the right individuals who want to be part of this amazing journey.  Perhaps you currently rent space and want to make a change. Perhaps you want to be part of a group energy that is beyond words. Perhaps you want
marketing support for your business and to grow your business. Whatever your needs, keep CHP in mind. We are simply planting some seeds.

If our words speak to your heart and this vision resonates with you, please call me, Angie Monko, 314-422-6520, to discuss further.

The CHP would offer programs, products and services with the goal of addressing the entire individual’s needs, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. People on this planet are in pain. We have dis-ease in our bodies. When you suffer, I suffer. We are all connected. When we live our daily existence in a world of anxiety and stress, chaos and overwhelm, and we’re living from the “memories” of fear, pain and doubt, we affect the energy of those around us.

We are like walking magnets, big balls of pulsating negative energy, attracting more of that which we think about (lack, poor relationships, ill health, etc.) when we are disconnected from others, when we live in
self-pity. It doesn’t have to be this way. We choose how we exist. As Eric Shay said, so many people are trying to “keep up with the Jones’s,” not realizing that we can’t keep up with ourselves. The “Jones” reside
within our own mind, body and spirit. There really is no competition. We simply compete with our self constantly.

A common belief that runs deep is that we are not enough. So when we think we are not enough, we are living from “memories.” Joe Vitale wrote a book called Zero Limits after studying with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and the Hawaiian system for wealth, health and peace called Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono. He made this comment after taking a workshop with Dr. Hew Len, “One of the key points from this
weekend workshop is that you are acting from either memory or inspiration.

Memory is thinking; inspiration is allowing. Most of us by far are living out of memories. We’re unconscious to them because we’re basically unconscious, period.” Again, taken from Zero Limits, “Dr. Hew Len is a psychologist who healed an entire mental hospital full of the criminally insane, but he never saw a single patient.” How could he do this?

He used the powerful energy of love and began to clean himself of whatever could be wrong within himself that caused the situation in these patients. The answers all lie within us, not in some external
circumstance. We realize that we are all suffering and in pain together. We choose to do something proactively to change this direction.

The planet is calling out to be healed. When we have dis-ease in our body, it goes beyond a physical explanation. Louise Hay explains in You Can Heal Your Life, “I believe we create every so-called illness in
our body. The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. The body is always talking to us, if we will only take the time to listen. Every cell within your body responds to every
single thought you think and every word you speak.

Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors and postures and ‘eases’ or dis-eases. The person who has a permanently scowling face did not produce that by having joyous, loving thoughts. Older people’s faces and bodies show so clearly a life-time of thinking patterns.

How will you look when you are elderly?” So we have pain and dis-ease. We feel we are not enough. We have an emptiness deep inside because we feel we have no purpose or direction. We feel stuck and unhappy. The CHP will address these core issues. Instead of putting a band-aid on a symptom, the CHP will offer programs for people to evolve their soul, starting from the inside out. It starts with the physical body. We start here because if we don’t feel well, we don’t feel like taking action or moving our bodies and lives forward. We don’t feel like looking inside for emotional and spiritual causes.

We will have staff to help you get your body moving in an exercise program that is right for you. We will help you decide on a healthy eating plan, NOT a diet. There is no right or wrong way to eat for everyone. The key is to live life fully and in the moment and not feel guilty about the food. Food takes on a life of its own when we assign guilt and shame to it. At the same time, it makes sense to do what makes your body feel good, like eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and eat as much organic as possible. Drink high quality
alkaline water. These are simply suggestions. Ultimately, we must figure out what works for us and gives us results. No one individual can be put into a system of eating and be guaranteed results. What works for 90% of the populace may not work for us. This can be very frustrating! So CHP will help design a program specifically to meet our body’s physical needs that WILL bring us results. It may take some trial and error and investigative work, and ultimately we will achieve what our body wants if we will listen to it and respond.

Louise Hay: “I listen with love to my body’s messages.” We next must address what is going on mentally. Our brain is our powerhouse. It stores all of our memories. We think from our brain. We have self-will. Once we begin to take care of our physical body, our mental body will feel better. We will have more
clarity to make choices in our lives, even if those choices may feel uncertain.

Life moves forward when we are willing to take risks and let go of the need for perfection. We have a certified hypnotherapist to help. As we begin to change physically and mentally, certain aspects of ourselves will most likely begin to sabotage our efforts because they feel threatened. Our ego self is
terrified of being annihilated, of being replaced. Our ego doesn’t want to change. It feels just fine in its comfort zone of the status quo, EVEN IF the current situation is very painful.

We were taught belief systems from our parents, teachers, siblings, society, etc. that were are living by, even if they are un-healthy. We must become willing to examine these belief systems. We must become willing to change our thoughts from the inside out. How can we do this when emotions are telling us we are not good enough and that we don’t deserve success in any area of our life? Enter in the next phase of the program. CHP will have experienced emotional freedom technique (EFT) / meridian tapping practitioners.

Lisa Rose and I both have years of practical experience in helping others and our selves find core blocks to moving forward. If we hadn’t applied meridian tapping to our own issues, we wouldn’t even be contemplating the idea of the CHP. The idea of EFT is that all negative emotions are created by a
disruption in our body’s energy system. We have all allowed emotions to run our lives. It feels like we are out of control. Most of the time we probably don’t know why we keep responding to life’s difficulties with the same repeated patterns. Even once we become aware of our belief systems, we still keep doing the same things that bring us pain. Why is this? We have paradigms, belief systems, accumulated from childhood, that are subconscious and running the show, so to speak.

By using meridian tapping, we can gain permission from our subconscious minds to help heal and integrate all of us. Once we get approval and re-assure our ego that we don’t want to get rid of this “wounded” part of us, that we simply want to heal and integrate it, life becomes easier. We’re no longer swimming upstream. As Lisa says, we can throw away the oars. Life can now begin to flow. We start
getting results that feel good when our conscious mind is aligned with the subconscious.Meridian tapping can create cognitive shifts in our belief systems which makes it so powerful. Basically, we can use it to become willing to change. At this time in program, the individual is feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally.

They are learning how to love, accept and forgive themselves. This is so vital! Even though there will always be bumps in the road, we teach the philosophy that, since all answers lie within us, we are responsible for our own healing, and we can therefore handle whatever life sends us. We teach individuals to be independent of our services. Sure, we want them to keep coming back to be part
of the fantastic group energy, participate in exercise classes for the heart, mind and soul, as part of a daily self-care program. However, we don’t want them to be dependent on CHP for answers to their life’s problems once they have the proper tools to make choices. I hope this distinction is clear. A major aspect of the program is our spiritual life. When we begin to feel aligned physically, mentally and emotionally, we may be more willing to examine our spiritual life.

Now I could just as easily put the spiritual aspect of the program first because it is THAT important. Some people are turned off by the term spirituality or God. That’s okay. Truly it is. It is important to just be open-minded. When we speak of surrendering to a Higher Source or Energy or God, it doesn’t mean letting go into an abyss of chaos, where some unknown Source will now have its way with us and send us all sorts of wily and painful lessons. We are actually surrendering to our soul’s next stage of development and enfoldment, as Michael Beckwith explains. We are surrendering to our own highest good. This may make the transition easier.

We have to be willing to start where we are. We can “act as if” we believe in a Higher Source; whether we really do is unimportant. I could write an entire book on the need for meditation and prayer and how this has changed my life for the better. Suffice it to say that we can expedite our healing if we will begin to meditate daily, even if it’s for one or two minutes. That is how I started, and now I do it for an hour
daily. It has made ALL of the difference as miracles continue to occur in my life. We can create a Higher Source of our own, no matter what it is, create one that works for us and is a loving, accepting entity, One who is always there for us. We can think of it like creating the perfect parents. Once we’ve done this, we
can ask this Source for help in accessing our highest wisdom on a daily basis.

CHP will have staff to help one along their spiritual path. There is no THEM. There is, and always has been, just US. We are a collective Spirit. Our separation is not of a physical nature but created and maintained in our mind. In these troubled times, We need to recognize our Oneness. Our advancement is limited by the weak in Spirit. Our pace is set as a Whole and we can not proceed unless We all move as One. True, we are all uniquely different. This is by design. For like a puzzle, we are not complete until all of the pieces are in place and we can step back and see the Wholeness of the creation and take wonder in its beauty. In addition to the program I just described above, we envision having various experts on staff, massage therapist(s), hypnotherapist(s), chiropractor(s), acupuncturist(s), medium(s), etc., to further us in our self-care and healing.

Further, we will have a retail shop that offers products in alignment with our soul’s highest good. We will offer an EFT weight release DVD, meditation CDs, Organic Makeover DVD and workbooks, organic granola, music CDs, hand-crafted scarves/clothing, high alkaline/oxygen water, Vita-Mix blenders,
cacao nibs, goji berries and other super foods, our own line of natural skin care products, gift certificates, etc. We envision an organic deli so that we can enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch after working out. We hope we have inspired you to learn more. The CHP is happening. It is left up to Divine timing.

We are SO excited to impact this planet’s evolution and consciousness. It can be a “brave new world,” if we will only allow it. Are you ready and up for the opportunity?

We are! Talk to you soon.

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Love, Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko, Lisa Rose, Paige Russell, Eric Shay