Hello Fellow Seekers,

A few of us took a look at a potential property for the Center for Human Potential in Hazelwood, MO on 2/4/10.  It was a very clean property, overlooking a small lake.  Inside, there were spacious rooms with windows all around, allowing for gorgeous light to come through.  The energy felt nice in this place.  It also had a huge open area. Parking was fantastic. I could just see the place brimming with clients, there to enhance their life and make a difference in this world.  I could really see this being a special place
of healing and break throughs, where individuals could break through their limited perceptions of their small selves and see a glimmer of the Divine peeking through, like sunlight through a curtain.

I’m looking for three types of people to help move this vision into reality:
1) Potential investors;
2) Potential renters and fellow business owners; and
3) Potential clients.
I know we are on the ground floor of something amazing.  I am big into planning; however, at this point in time, I know that I need to be even bigger into visioning and faith.  I need to let go of the need for reason and why things CANNOT work and focus on the impact a Center like this can have to our community.

There are many broken hearts out there, looking for solutions.  Broken hearts create broken homes and marriages and long-term “dis-ease” in the body.  Our emotions have a profound impact on our physical bodies.  Help me to raise awareness and consciousness starting in this local St. Louis area, and eventually throughout the U.S. and internationally.  We have to start some where!   Are you interested in investing in a
lucrative business opportunity that could give you financial freedom?  The time has come for this concept of healing on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  People are becoming more and more ready to take responsibility for their loves and to search within for answers.

We can search within because we are individualized expressions of God.  When we get out of our own way, we tap into the power of a Higher Source. It’s like my Reverand explained. The ocean is God, and we are each a wave.  We cannot separate ourselves from our Source. God is just bigger than us. The Center for Human Potential will have facilities to address everyone’s needs:

1) Phyiscal trainers, yoga and aerobics instructors to help get your body moving!
2) Nutritionists who are familiar with a food plan that is right for you! (whether it’s a protein, raw, organic, etc. food plan or combination thereof)
3) Accupuncturists, Meridian Tapping Experts, Chiropractors to get you balanced energetically and emotionally.
4) Hypnotists and life coaches to help with your mental body.
5) Channelers & Spiritual coaches to help align your spiritual body.
6) Workshops on all of the above topics, including practical skill-based workshops like public speaking.
7) Organic Deli with Raw Food and alkaline/oxygenated water.  Homemade baked items and granola for sale.
8) Retail Store to promote our tenants’ books, CDs, DVDs, clothing, skin care items, etc.

Are you interested in working in a place of amazing energy, where you are held up and supported in your business dreams by like-minded people?  Perhaps you’d like to be a client and receive some of these products and services?

Whichever category(s) you fall into, please contact me immediately as plans are manifesting as we speak.

PS:  If you’re really serious about creating your most magnificent life, click on the attached to see if you qualify for a discovery session: https://www.harmonyharbor.com/discovery-session

PSS:  Do you have friends and family that are also interested in creating their own destinies of joy and freedom?  Send them to: https://www.harmonyharbor.com/news-register

Infinite blessings,

Angie Monko