Hello Friends,

Before we can release the physical excess weight, we must change our insides first.  Sometimes figuring out how to release weight or reliance on food/body image issues can feel like an FBI investigation.  It helps to keep things simple.  Louise Hay describes the probable emotional cause for Overweight as:  Fear, need for protection.  Running away from feelings.  Insecurity, self-rejection.  Seeking fulfillment.  Her suggested new thought pattern:  I am at peace with my own feelings.  I am safe where I am.  I create my
own security.  I love and approve of myself. Now if you’re like me, when you first read the emotional cause, your conscious mind may want to rebel and declare these things untrue.I’m only asking you to be open-minded on this and invite answers to come to you.

If you think you have a problem figured out (I just like to eat;  My family history shows a long line of obesity; My emotions have nothing to do with being fat; etc.), then you won’t ask the right questions. Most of us overeat (or undereat) because we are trying to run away from anxiety, in the form of any and all negative feelings.   Sometimes it is hard to make the leap from the cause (how we currently feel, which can be frustrated, angry, lonely, bored, restricted, etc.) to the affirmation that Louise suggests.  You don’t have to go from “I’ll never lose weight” to “I am a slender, sexy woman!” in your mind.  In fact, if you do this, your conscious mind will reject it.

So your goal is to go toward a thought pattern that brings you slight, not drastic, relief. Is it more believable to go from “I’ve always been overweight no matter what I’ve tried and always will be” to “Up until now I’ve always been overweight and struggled with accepting and loving myself, but I am surprising myself by being more calm and relaxed and accepting myself where I’m at.  I have no choice about my current results; they are what they are.

I can change my feelings about them and in so doing, my results are improving.  I’m changing on the inside first.”  Or what about these statements? “Even though I hate myself and my body, maybe I can give myself a break this very moment.  Maybe I can ust lighten up and think of 5 things I am grateful for.” “Even though I see no way out of this fat dilemma and it’s depressing, I’m sorry for all of my self-rejection.
I am doing the best I can.”    Just start where you’re at.  The only way to change outward appearance is to change inward belief.  Go for the next believable thought that brings relief, even if the relief is slight.  Put your action on finding better-feeling thoughts instead of expending too much energy on actions, like strict diets or restriction and deprivation.

You will sabotage your efforts if you don’t have subconscious buy-in that it is safe for you to release the weight.  You have to ease into and gradually stretch the comfort zone of your subconscious beliefs.

Don’t shock them into resistance.

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