I hope you are enjoying your summer! My daughter, Maddie (15), just got back from a month long visit to her Dad’s on July 8.  It was her first time flying on a plane by herself. I met her at her gate and was very happy to see her!  She chatted constantly about her visit, how beautiful their home was, the awesome ice cream, the fights with her two half-brothers, and the many conversations with her Dad. Maddie has cystic fibrosis and CF-induced diabetes.  Her blood sugar levels had been high before she left on the trip, and even increased insulin had not been able to stabilize it.

Amazingly, after she got there, the numbers started to go down.  What happened? Well, Maddie found a book that answers many questions to life’s mysteries, and she devoured it in two days.  This is highly unusual for Maddie since she doesn’t enjoy reading all that much.  After reading the book, Maddie felt a “knowing” that God really does exist.  I was excited for her!  She really didn’t change much as far as her
physical habits, BUT she changed her mind, and she now feels she has a purpose in life, although she hasn’t defined it yet.

I also decided consciously (before her trip) to believe in Maddie’s health, not her sickness. I asked my husband and other daughter to do the same.  It just goes to show how important our intentions are.  Maddie had been blocking her healing before because she didn’t feel worth it.  Do you feel worth it?  How might you be blocking your healing, your authentic life?

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