Dear fellow seekers,

Just recently I learned there is a significant difference between choice and decision. Let’s say that I’m going grocery shopping.  I’ve done some meal planning and made a list of necessary ingredients.  I’ve chosen what I’d like to eat and plan on buying the items.  Once I get to the store,   I go to the produce section and do the “feel” test on some tasty-looking, ripe avocadoes.  I say, “Oh yes, I choose these!  I can imagine how delicious they will taste in some guacamole.”  Until I pick them up, put them in my cart, purchase them and leave with them, all I’ve done is chosen.  I haven’t decided to take action.  I can choose something all day long and not “decide” on it.

Doesn’t life sometimes feel this way?  Stuck in choice.  I also see “choice” as something we do consciously as we are aware of it.  I see decision as something more unconscious.   We just DO things without really questioning why we do it.  This normally means we have unconscious belief systems running the production of our lives.  Kind of scary though, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve often heard that life is all about choices.   We continually make them every day. Some lead us down the path to joy and others down the path to suffering.  However, I think we should coin a new phrase, “Life is all about our moment-to-moment decisions.”

You may think this is just a difference in semantics.  I think it’s more than that.  When I realize that I’m profoundly affecting my life by my actions (decisions) or lack of them, they become crucial. I can use my power of self-will to decide to be happy.  We say, “And so it is!” as  a declaration to let the Universe know we are serious about our decision.  It is also declaring that we are now aware of some belief systems that are no longer serving us, and we now want to do things differently.  In tapping, we do something called a choice statement, where we say, “I choose to…..”  Might it be more powerful to say, “I decide to…”? I keep choosing peace and joy each day, but I don’t always decide on it.

There are times when I “decide” that I’d rather be right and I’d rather be in control of a person or situation, rather than have peace.  Even though this temporarily satisfies my ego in the moment, it is short-lived.  Within a minute, I regret my behavior, my sarcastic words, my needing to prove I’m right.  I am especially challenged with my stepdaughter.  I continually want to control her behavior, even though I may not outwardly display this.  I wonder why it is so important to be right?  Am I that insecure with her?  I am training myself to have a proper defense (to say I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, aiming these words at myself, when I feel angry or fearful).

This is the ho’oponopono method I’ve discussed.  This defense is not yet automatic.  I am still trying to make it habit.  So just think about this.

What are you CHOOSING  (conscious) vs. DECIDING (unconscious) on a daily basis?

How do your decisions/actions/how you show up in life serve you, and how are they hurting you?

Now that’s food for thought.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko