Hello, Friends,

Summer will welcome us in three days! I hope you are enjoying the outdoors and spending time with your family this Father’s Day weekend. Welcome to my newly-formatted ezine, Create Your Destiny!  To subscribe to my Ezine, go to www.harmonyharbor.com.

I will be sending this newsletter out every other Saturday, starting with today’s edition. You can expect a small personal blurb from me, a featured article, a healthy, delicious recipe, information on upcoming events and classes, and information on my products and services. I welcome your feedback! I will be talking about my family regularly, and so I’d like to introduce them.

My husband is Steve, and we’ve been married for nine years this October 22. My oldest daughter is Chelsea (16). She just recently started her first job at Smoothie King after getting her driver’s license. My youngest daughter is Maddie (15). She is visiting her Dad in Philadelphia until July. My family members are my best teachers. They teach me to look beyond current behaviors and see the God within them. If I want peace, I have to live it myself.

So I do my best to not resist life and love my family as they are. Love, to me, is not a feeling; it’s an action. It’s a commitment to love others. It’s a decision to love all of myself, even the bratty part of me, the spoiled and selfish part of me. So what will you decide today? Your level of happiness and peace is up to you,
no matter the external circumstances in your life. Create your destiny the way you want it.

Let go of stories that no longer serve you. Many are addicted to suffering. Are you? Look at your current life results, and you know what you want subconsciously. If your life is not where you want it to be, then change your mind. I will be discussing many ways in which you can do this. Stay tuned!

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Angie Monko