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To honor how much you have going on during December,
I’m going to keep my next few posts very brief and to the

Morgan and I will make a succinct point along with a clear
actionable tip that you can play around with and implement.

Make Decisions That Feel Right For YOU

In today’s video, we talk about how to make decisions this
holiday season that are healthy for YOU, and thus everyone

The Scenario: Patty calls you and asks you to come to her
holiday gathering this Saturday night. You’ve not seen her
in ages, and it would be fun to catch up. But you have a trillion
other things to do for the weekend, and you know it would
stress you out.

The Process:

1) Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to do this?”
2) Ask yourself, “DO I have the time, energy and capacity to do it?”
3) If you answer YES to both questions, then DO IT.
4) If you answer NO to either question, then DO NOT DO IT.

In this case, you don’t do it because you don’t have the

Not an Easy Process Due to Underlying Belief

We realize following this process is not an easy thing
to do…because there are strong underlying beliefs WHY
we people please.

The main belief is: “If I say NO, people will be mad at me,
not like me, judge me as being selfish, and generally not
approve of me in some way. And if this happens, I’ll be
abandoned, alone and rejected.”

You may not have thought about all of this consciously, or
even want to admit it’s a possibility, but on a deep core
level we fear being alone.

People Will Still Love You if You Say No

I assure you though, that by being authentically you,
doing what you WANT, you will be honoring your own body,
mind and spirit, staying out of the resentment game, and
thus able to be better for everyone else.

Plus, people will still love you and show up for you, in
fact, even more. And it will feel easier to you because
it’s not so forced, and you have more energy.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season, however you celebrate it!

Much love!


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