Dear Friends,

I’ve had a fantastic experience with the hypnotherapy class I’ve taken with Dawn Ferguson. She’s been so supportive of me and my classmates.  Just yesterday, I learned yet another invaluable insight from her.  As I just wrote about in the article “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, ” I have a tendency to find flaws in myself even when I’m doing MY very best.  In four days, I will have completed a 24-day cleanse, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I fasted the first three days and then primarily ate fruits and vegetables and some organic chicken and wild fish for dinner.

I added some raw nuts at dinner time on several occasions (which wasn’t in alignment the cleanse rules), but other than that and a couple other minor food choices, I’ve followed it very closely. Instead of congratulating myself on this journey, I focused in on the negative that I had not lost more weight and my hands were swollen.  I just felt kind of down about this yesterday, especially as my cleanse is winding down.  Then Dawn asked me if it was okay to feel down, and I said yes.  Then she said, now decide how
long you want to wallow and do it no more than 72 hours.

Did I want to wallow any more?  I said no.  72 hours seemed WAY too long to suffer over something that I would celebrate if I had a clear head.  She then made an important distinction that really helped me.  She said that to be cured is the absence of the problem.

To be healed means we understand what the problem is trying to tell us, knowing the “problem” may remain. So I may remain a few pounds overweight, and my hands may remain swollen.  I didn’t like this notion at first.  So what?  Does that mean I just stop taking the actions of healthy, well-balanced living because I haven’t figured my body’s messages out yet?

No…. Pain is part of life, but suffering is optional, as someone famous said. This means that I just keep taking the right actions that I’m aware of in the moment.  I keep feeding my body really good food and exercising and getting enough rest and getting a monthly massage and giving myself enough time to be alone with me and reading and loving and nurturing myself as a good parent would when I feel down.  My job is to love and believe in me at all times and no matter what, especially when I’m not feeling gracious
and loving.

May you create a loving space around you today and be kind and loving to yourself.  Peace begins with you.  Now that is true healing.  Worrying about what is going on in our outside world and perceiving it wrongly, assigning the meaning that it makes us bad, is what creates dis-ease.  So if we do the flip-flop and perceive beauty and love and peace within us, it seems we could reverse dis-ease.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,

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