Have you ever heard it told that “evil” forces seem to sabotage “good” efforts? It did sort of feel that way this week.  On Tuesday, 7/17/12, I debuted my new workshop series that is designed to help divorced professional moms find peace in their stressful lives and create harmonious relationships with themselves and others. I put a LOT of effort into this workshop, getting trained in Canada on two separate and a third trip will complete the training in October.  I was afraid because I felt like the standards or expectations of myself had been raised.  I wasn’t going to just wing it.

So I did as instructed and really planned it out. But all these dramatic events were happening around me, as I explained in my other article, True Love Can Only Heal (so read that first).  Both my ex-mother-in-law and my current mother-in-law passed away within a matter of two days apart.  And my daughter, Maddie, basically told me that she may go back and live with her dad.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride!
And Jean passed away on the day I was to debut my workshop.  So I spent part of my day at the hospital on Tuesday and then I came home to prepare some more.

It was a huge, upsetting distraction.  Should I cancel my workshop was the question. Well, although it was sad, we had been expecting Jean to pass because she hadn’t been eating.  It was just a matter of time.  So Steve, my husband, told me to go ahead with my workshop.  There was nothing I could do for Jean now. I prayed and had others pray for me to have it go well.  It went extraordinarily well!  I was very happy that I’d stayed committed to my mission.  So what was it that was trying to derail me? I don’t believe it is really anything “evil” that is trying to prevent our forward movement and success.

Rather, when we experience huge distractions like I did this week, in the face of a big change in our lives, I believe it’s simply a part of us that is afraid to change. In essence, it is resistance. So we emanate an energetic vibration that “attracts” distractions. It doesn’t really matter how they show up or what they are.  They are trying to keep us all bundled up and secure in our safety net.  These forces that want us to remain in our comfort zone can feel very powerful indeed. I will tell you, though, that if we stay committed to our cause, whatever that is, just stay focused on the prize because we’ve made a decision, that it feels wonderful on the other side.

And just today, I had another victory.  I did a speaking presentation at an insurance agency here in St. Louis and presented emotional freedom technique and the importance of aligning conscious desires with subconscious desires to get what we want. It went absolutely amazing, and I felt like God was doing the presentation for me, just like I felt on Tuesday night! So I’ve really experienced some highs and lows this week in emotion, but mainly right now I feel triumphant, like I’ve overcome my fears and doubts and made
a huge leap forward; I’ve proven to my subconscious mind that I have what it takes to be a workshop luminary. I’m not bragging or feeling arrogant about this.

In fact, I owe this all to God and my relationship with my Higher Self.  My faith has increased because I see how God has been carrying me all of the time.  I’m finally letting go of the reins, and I am so grateful!

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