Has anyone ever said to you, “What’s your story?”
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It usually means they are annoyed or irritated with us and don’t understand us.

What I mean is, what story have you been telling yourself? What pattern have you been following that is getting a little worn out? You know something needs to change, but how?

For much of my life, my story has been one of self-betrayal and people-pleasing, feeling like I’m not enough.

I’ve had feelings of anxiety and nervousness since I was a little girl, seemingly stuck in my body’s cellular memory.

This came from trauma as a child, witnessing abuse and feeling unsafe.

As a result, I went within, introspected…listened to others, stayed on the sidelines.  I hid. I didn’t speak up. I avoided my feelings.

I didn’t want to FEEL. Am I living a life of integrity if I don’t allow myself to feel?

Doubtful. Now that’s a big statement.  I value justice and fairness and so to think I’m not living with honor and integrity is a problem, an inner conflict.

But think about it.  If we don’t allow ourselves to feel, feel our body, feel our emotions, we are most likely taking actions to betray ourselves:

  • *** Eating foods and beverages not in alignment with feeling good (it’s hard to feel while eating a chocolate chip cookie or drinking excessive wine to numb out).

  • ***Over-scheduling ourselves and feeling overwhelmed— no time to slow down and feel.

  • ***Being overly responsible for others’ happiness (it’s hard to feel when we’re so distracted by other people’s problems).

  • ***Doing activities that are easy for us (for example, for me that’s cleaning, organizing my home and my email inbox, and constantly seeking more knowledge).

So what’s the payoff if you begin to slow down, listen to your body and emotions?

This will guide you to becoming a Worthy Self-Advocate.

A Worthy Self-Advocate (WSA) is someone who remains loyal to her/himself. When life happens and things don’t go as planned, the WSA never leaves her/his own side.

She gives herself the benefit of the doubt, trusts her decisions because s/he knows even if they appear to be “mistakes,” they are always meant to teach her something, to help her grow internally.

She knows she is enough.

As a WSA, s/he is not selfish just because s/he puts herself first, considers her own feelings, needs and wants.  To the contrary, she is much better equipped to generously give back to the world when she takes care of herself first, because she has the energy and resourcefulness to do so.

What are the benefits?

The WSA is at peace with herself and the process of life. S/he is able to relax, have fun, be the lighthouse for her family and friends. So s/he has a wide, positive impact on those who know her.

S/he is prosperous financially, because she believes in receiving her good as well as truly giving back to others.

If you feel like you’re ready to do something different with your life…that it’s time in your story to TRULY live a life of prosperity, then listen to that calling.

Reach out. Let’s explore if it makes sense for us to talk. My intention is to deeply connect with you, serve your highest good, and see if we’d be a good match to helping you create a life you love with no regrets.


Angie Monko

P.S.: Your Freedom begins when you rise up, speak up, and show up for yourself! Is this your time?