Dear Friends,

I’ve always tried to protect myself from too much emotion.  Repression is an armor I put on to not have to feel too much.  Emotions are scary, aren’t they?  That is why when I learned about Emotional Freedom Technique I was so excited.  The acronym was very alluring to me.  Sure, I want the emotional freedom, but do I always have the willingness to look within for my elixir, my soothing?  Do I want to stir up my emotions? No, I don’t always want to do this.  The good news is that we don’t have to want to heal 100% of the time.

As long as we are willing to look and really feel what is happening in our bodies and minds and hearts PART of the time, we will move forward.  Even what may feel like  a relapse in awareness and growth isn’t really so.  Once we expand our consciousness, there is no going back. When we make the courageous decision to confront our shadow side, we can stop fighting.  We do need to be willing to sit with our uncomfortable feelings for a time, which may be brief. We need to be aware of what is going on inside of us.  This is a huge first step to freedom!  I felt tired and irritable all week long.

I often feel tired during a menstrual cycle, but not necessarily so annoyed.  Our body’s energy is being pulled toward our lower chakra.  Instead of getting angry with myself for lack of energy, I decided to honor my body’s natural cycle and rhythm.  As I learn to express my needs and who I truly am, I may feel vulnerable to others.  This made me more on edge than normal.  It’s just a new skill I must learn. Just imagine if when I was growing up I had someone telling me, “Angie, it’s okay to feel down and angry and jealous or whatever, because you’re human and have this side to you.

By trying to ignore your dark emotions, it’s like trying to   pretend you don’t have a physical body.  Why even try?  Just feel the feelings and they will move through you.  You have to go through emotions.  You can’t side swipe them.  They will boomerang back to you (at least subconsciously, and that’s where most of your actions are driven from) until you listen to them.” Well, I didn’t have that childhood training, but I know it now, and I can soothe my inner child like a good parent would.  Are you being a good parent to yourself? If not, stop reading right now and close your eyes and ask your little child, “What are you
trying to tell me through my physical aches, my emotional pain, my drama?

I’m listening now and will just feel it with you.  Let me know the next right step, the most loving thing to do for myself.” You are doing the best you can, no matter what your past has been and no matter how many so-called “failures” you’ve accumulated.  Just let it ALL go in this moment!  You ARE worth it, I promise you!

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Much love,

Angie Monko,

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