Last time, I wrote about a quick fix to your problems, and I suggested that the quickest fix is to develop a relationship to a Higher Power of your understanding.  Today I’d like to further expand upon that idea and explore a related quandary that I have pondered for years. Years ago, I watched an EFT training DVD that made quite an impression on me.  This man explained that we have “parts” within us, such as an inner teenager, an inner child, an inner adult, and that we need to ask “permission” from the part of us that is
responsible for holding us back to heal and integrate this part.  And until we get this permission, certain aspects of our lives may continue to be a struggle.

While I agree that this approach can and does work, and it’s a quicker fix than trying to willpower through your problems, I’d like to suggest that there’s even a better way.  Do we really need to ask permission from our ego to make a change in our lives?  The ego would like us to think so. The ego wants our ever-constant attention and tries to distract us from what is really important in life, our inner well-being. Why not just relinquish the ego altogether?  How does the ego serve you?  The acronym for EGO is Easing God Out.  That says it all right there.  When you experience fear and doubt, it’s coming from the ego’s interpretation of your experience.  The conscious mind, when being run by the ego, tends to be very arrogant, because it’s being driven by fear. Think about why it’s so hard to change certain habits and beliefs.

Beliefs reside in the subconscious mind, which is like a computer that non-discriminately accepts
information.  You constantly feed the subconscious mind with suffering thoughts that create suffering emotions which create unhealthy behaviors and habits. It’s like one big suffering loop.  How do you get out of the loop?  You need to make a decision to release the need to suffer.  This may sound like common sense, but it’s not.  Suffering is addictive, more so than heroine or alcohol or tobacco, which are merely symptoms of the need to suffer at a core level. This need to suffer is also demonstrated by the loud obnoxious voice inside of your head which constantly reminds you that you aren’t enough.  You have to learn to drown out the voice, to squash it, and this can be done by reminding yourself of your decision.

“Today I’ve decided that I am enough, and I have plenty of time and money, and I am perfectly loved and loving and lovable.” Or it might go like, “Today I’ve decided my health is more important than immediately gratifying myself with just any food or drink.”  Or “Today I’ve decided that having a healthy relationship is more important than being right with my spouse.”  You get the picture. This is practicing the relinquishing of the ego, in a sense, not paying any attention to the whimpering, the complaining, the “poor-me” parts of you.  They are immature, and it doesn’t look like they will be maturing any time soon.  So why even bargain with the ego parts?  Bypass them altogether and ask your Higher Power to help you “decide” the best course of action that will lead to your highest good. Be very specific in your prayer. Ask Higher Power to increase your faith and your willingness and ability to follow your decision; for example, “Dear God, I need your help today to help me let go of the ego.  Help me enforce my decision to eat only healthy foods.  I cannot do this alone.”

Fill in the blank with whatever your struggle is. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Similarly, the shortest distance between your goal and your result is your Higher Power’s aid.  Use it.
If you need my help in figuring this out, I’m glad to serve.

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