Probably one of the easiest habits of thought we adopt is to blame others.  But even more cunning,
and more subtle, is to blame others for how we feel.

I have found myself doing this over the years, especially with my husband.  Why is it that our poor
spouses get to bear the brunt of much of our pain? I suppose it’s because they feel “safe” to unload on.

It goes both ways, of course.  He sometimes takes me for granted too and relieves his tension by not
filtering his words before speaking.

Even having said that, our daughters tell us that they admire our relationship. Sure we fight at times, but
overall we have a great deal of love and respect for each other.

Do you struggle with your relationships?  Do people seem high maintenance and untrustworthy?  If so, it is
critical to have someone model healthy relationship behavior and interact with you in this way, because most
likely you didn’t have that experience growing up.

For the rest of the story listen to audio here!

Happy New Year!

Angie Monko