Do you ever experience anxiety BEFORE something traumatic happens?

I do fairly often.  There was this general, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it unrest in the house this past week.  I canceled an upcoming workshop that I was going to be in this weekend because intuitively I felt I needed that time to replenish. My dog, Kipper, even began having some strange symptoms.  His ears got all swollen and puffy, his eyes puffy, and when that went away, he got little bumps on his nose that almost look like blisters. I believe in using essential oils to help with physical ailments, and one of the oils that
Kipper needed is clove oil.  It’s full of antioxidants, and so I applied this to his paws and ears.

This helped alleviate those symptoms, but then his nose erupted with bumps. So I put this Animal Scents essential oil ointment on it, and it’s improving.  Our animals respond to the energy in our homes and in ourselves, even before we know anything. Well, a few weeks ago I told you the story of how my brother-in-law, Jim, had been living here for 2.5 months, and we asked him to leave on 2/2/12.  He knew it wasn’t permanent and that we were helping him to get back on his feet.  It was a friendly departure. He and my husband kept in regular contact while Jim stayed in this little hotel in down town St. Louis.

Well we hadn’t heard from him in 5 days and were concerned.  Steve had actually been calling the landlord for 5 days without any response.  So on Tuesday, Steve finally got a hold of him and asked him to go check on his brother. You see you can’t just drive to this hotel unannounced (it’s locked up and you have to call ahead first).  Anyhow, they found his brother dead in his hotel room from what we are assuming was a drug overdose. It was a big shock to all of us.  We had really gotten to know and care about Jim, and so it really affected my entire family.

They suspect he’d died on 2/16, five days earlier. I’ve been processing my feelings all week long.  Part of me knows that Jim is in a better place, where he’s happy and getting ready to create another life experience.  Then there is the part of me that feels very sad for Steve, my husband, who I saw cry for the first time when he learned of Jim’s death. Our house is full of emotion right now, and we’re holding a memorial service for Jim this Sunday at our home.  This got me to thinking about how all emotion is energy in motion, and that it’s neither positive or negative.

All emotion can help enliven us if we allow ourselves to truly FEEL it.  Sadness can serve to connect us to others at a heart level. Stay tuned for a future ezine in which I explore more about emotions and how to really reclaim your power from them. Tribute to Jim Monko: I know you’re out there, buddy.  I want you to know that I truly enjoyed our brief time together, the many philosophical debates, the dinners, your help with making salads and vacuuming and hanging out, baking cookies together.

You and I have this in common:  we are both rebels and questioners of what is the Truth.

May God bless you in your next life experience!

We love you and miss you!

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