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Do you agree that our opinions should not harm others?
They are just our opinions, that are gathered from the time
we’re born.

Our specific set of beliefs and interpretations of reality come
from all those experiences. Yes, some of us think our beliefs
are superior to others and based in Truth, especially if it’s
the RIGHT thing.

So we walk on egg shells to “protect” others, not hurt their
feelings. A friend of mine didn’t reveal her dislike of this BBQ
restaurant when someone was bragging it up to her.

Something as innocent as our food preferences can feel very
scary to express because we want to be accepted and liked.

Leaders Are Not Your Guru (YOU are)

There is even more pressure for coaches, influencers and leaders
to closely monitor their messages because there is a tendency
for others to put them on a pedestal.

We expect them to have things figured out as leaders of
thought. But this is inaccurate. We are just human and make
mistakes all of the time. When we think we have to
be perfect role models, we are up in our heads, cut off from the
wisdom of our hearts.

If people don’t like what we have to say, and they respond with
hatred or meanness, that is more of a reflection of what’s going on
with THEM, rather than our opinion on something.

Like Morgan says in the video, “Why should we base our life
decisions off of somebody’s fear?”

We do it because we fear rejection. I’d like to say I’m more
evolved, but I’m not. This current climate makes it difficult
for me to feel safe to express myself too.

I have to remind myself that “Their opinion about me is
none of my business.”
And it goes the other way too; my
opinion is not personal and should not threaten you.

Morgan made a great point by reminding us that if no one
speaks out and questions the social norms, progress and
forward movement will come to a halt.

When we honestly express ourselves and hear what others
have to say, it is an opportunity for deeper connection and
growth as a society.

Let’s Come from a Place of Love

If we want to be heard, if we will come from a place of love
and not deny others their beliefs, then we have nothing
to fear. We are being true to ourselves. There is room for
all of us to exist on this planet.

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with grace and impact.

Much Love,

Angie & Morgan